What access do delivery drivers require?

It is essential that our delivery vehicles can safely fit down your local roads. Please ensure this is possible before you schedule a pallet collection or delivery. The smallest vehicle we use is a 7.5 tonne

If you are unsure about access, please let us know via a note in your order so we can look into the matter for you before you incur any additional costs for a rejected delivery.

There must also be someone available in person and by phone at the delivery location when your pallet is due for arrival.

More Information About Deliveries

You can access in-depth tracking on all your deliveries with our improved system. We listened to customer feedback about the need for more visibility and we acted upon it. The new tracking feature is split between eight different stages, ending with confirmation of delivery.

When you visit our tracking page, you will also have access to other features such as proof of delivery documents and a star rating tool.

Who Will Unload The Pallet?

Our driver can transport your pallet to the specified location. Of course, you will need to ensure that there is a appropriate area to unload your shipment.

Or vehicles are also fitted with tail lifts, so there should be no issues when moving freight from our delivery vehicle.

Our driver will load your goods onto the tail lift using a pallet truck. This ensures that your items are moved safely to your delivery point.

Do Your Drivers Require Any Assistance?

Our drivers are very experienced in this industry and they usually have everything under their control. Our drivers always aim to ensure that pallets are unloaded safely and quickly when they arrive at the specified location.

However, some freight can be tricky to manoeuvre at times. If the freight is particularly difficult to move, then our drivers might appreciate a helping hand to get the job done.

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