What Access Do Delivery Drivers Require?

All of our delivery vehicles MUST be able to fit safely down your local roads. 

Please make sure this is possible before booking your pallet collection or delivery; Note that the smallest vehicle we can send out is a 7.5 tonne. 

If you’re not sure about access restrictions, please let us know on Live Chat so that we can advise you on this further. 

There should also be someone present on the day of collection and delivery, and someone MUST be contactable by phone at all times. 

More about deliveries

When you book with PalletOnline, you’ll have full access to in-depth tracking with our improved system; You can now track your goods from collection through to delivery. 

The latest tracking feature is split between eight different stages, ending with confirmation of delivery and a downloadable Proof of Delivery document (POD).

Once your goods have reached their destination, you’ll also be able to give a star rating of the service provided, so we’ll know if we can improve anything for next time!

Who unloads the pallet from the vehicle?

Our driver will transport your pallet to the right location and unload your pallet from their vehicle, for you. 

If you have selected the tail lift option when booking, this is how our driver will unload your goods from their vehicle; Just leave all the heavy lifting to us! 

After your goods are off the vehicle, a pallet truck will be used to move everything to a safe place where you can unpack your pallet without needing to move it further. 

Do your drivers need assistance? 

With plenty of experience in collecting and delivering pallets, our drivers have everything under control, so you won’t need to help them load and unload your goods from their vehicle! 

But in some cases where your goods are particularly tricky to move, they may appreciate a helping hand to get the job done. 

However, depending on weight, the driver will arrive equipped with everything they need to get your goods safely to their destination. 

You can always get in touch on Live Chat if you have any further questions! 

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