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Pallet Spaces
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Micro Up to 150kg Micro Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm Max Height: 60cm
Quarter Up to 250kg Quarter Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm Max Height: 60cm
Half Up to 500kg Half Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x 100cm Max Height: 100cm
Full Up to {{ == 0 ? '1,200kg' : '1,000kg'}} Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 120cm x {{ fullDimensions() }} Max Height: 180cm Max Height: 220cm
Quarter Oversized Up to 250kg Oversized Quarter Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 200cm x 120cm Max Height: 60cm
Half Oversized Up to 500kg Oversized Half Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 200cm x 120cm Max Height: 100cm
Full Oversized Up to 2,000kg Oversized Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 240cm x 120cm Max Height: 220cm
Forklift access required on all sides.
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Forklift access required on all sides.
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Big or small companies, our vehicles have you covered.

We understand that no two businesses are the same. That's why we're dedicated to providing tailored services to meet the individual demands of every shipper, and make the shipping process as simple, quick and hassle-free as possible.

Scaling up or adding to your Amazon Seller inventory?

Every day, thousands of Amazon sellers and vendors trust us to deliver their goods. If you're looking for a reliable service, you have found it. We are the only pallet network that has an approved carrier status with Amazon.

Sending more than a truckload? Book multiple truckloads in one.

With access to over 6,000 trailers and vehicles your goods are in safe hands. Our online checkout allows for up to three trailers at a time to be booked. You can send from 11 pallets to hundreds and book within just a couple of minutes.


  • With a variety of vehicles and trailers, suitable for any number of pallets you're looking to send, PalletOnline will deliver your goods, safely, to and from almost any location on British mainland.

  • Our coverage includes most of the United Kingdom, excluding Northern Ireland and some locations in the Scottish Highlands.

  • Currently, we are unable to ship truckloads to Europe, but this is a service we intend to introduce later this year.

  • If international FTL is a service you're interested in, contact us via LiveChat so we can keep you updated.


We combine our industry-leading reputation with our best-in-class reliability to provide our customers with a service they can trust. For an online pallet delivery service like no other, PalletOnline is the one.

  • Over 95% success rate

    Unrivalled Reliability. Expert service is second nature to us, with exceptional service levels and soaring success rates, we're all you need.

  • Indebted to our customers

    Our customer-focussed approach is what cements our #1 position in the industry. We don't underestimate the power of our people.

  • 67 years of expert service

    Deeply planted in the roots of logistics, 67 years of extraordinary service, alongside our parent company, reaffirms our outstanding status in our industry.

  • Industry-leading support

    Shaking up logistics with outstanding customer support, one step at a time; we have industry professionals on hand to guide you through the motions.

Can I ship a Truckload overseas?
Our Truckloads service is currently only available to those wishing to ship to and from the UK.

We do, however, hope to see more plans being introduced in the future for an international Truckloads service, so be sure to stay tuned for updates!
Do I need a forklift to load and unload my goods?
No, you don't need a forklift to load or unload your goods, but it does help to move your goods quicker than using a pump truck and a tail lift.

If you don't have a forklift available at the collection or delivery point, that's not a problem; you can book a FREE tail lift for loading and unloading your goods.
I've heard of FTL and LTL before, but what do they mean?
FTL stands for "full truckload" and is the same as our Truckloads service. LTL stands for "less than truckload" and is the opposite of FTL.

Essentially, an LTL shipment consists of many consignments going to different destinations; your goods aren't the only ones on the trailer.
Is insurance included in my Truckload delivery?
Yes! All of our Truckload deliveries are insured for up to £1.30 per kilogram.

For example, if your total shipment weighed 1000kgs, they would be covered for up to £1300 in the rare event of loss or damage.
Is LTL cheaper than FTL?
This will depend on how many pallets you're shipping.

While FTL may seem more expensive upfront, it can be much cheaper in the long run if you regularly ship a large number of pallets, as you're paying for the entire trailer, and not individual pallet spaces.
What is a Truckload?
A truckload is a full trailer of goods going to the same destination that belong to the same consignment or customer.

Truckloads are usually made up of between 11 and 26 pallets, however, as long as your total consignment weight doesn't exceed 28 tonnes, any quantity of pallets is suitable.

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