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Get an instant pallet delivery quote. Covering the UK and Europe. Enjoy same day collection if you book before 11.30am. Track your pallet delivery service throughout its journey to its destination and insure goods for up to £6,000.

We can deliver pallets anywhere in the UK Mainland, Highlands & Islands and Ireland, along with 30 other European destinations. Our pallet delivery service includes industry-leading customer care levels. If you are looking for a reliable and cheap pallet delivery service, you have come to the right place.

Pallet Delivery Company

PalletOnline provide secure and protected shipments throughout the UK and Europe.

All dispatches are automatically insured. Payments are encrypted inside our secure and quick checkout area. Sending large goods is easier than ever before, no matter the weight.

Your items will be delivered through the Palletline network. It's time to utilise the top selling pallet company and our various pallet services.

Why Should I Use The PalletOnline Delivery Services?
We provide immediate free quotes for our customers, and it's quick and easy to get a figure.

Plus, you can create an account and save your addresses and cards for even faster checkouts.

Pallet Delivery Services - Fast Collection & Transportation
Our transparent pricing means your proposal is for collection imminently!

Ensure that you order before 11.30am on a weekday to take advantage of this. You can also inform us of your preferred dates during checkout.

Send economy pallets to Amazon

Perfect for Amazon FBA sellers. The most cost effective service to dispatch a pallet or pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres.

How does this work for me?
We can forward pallets of your goods to Amazon fulfilment centres. As an approved carrier network, we handle your account order from start to finish as well.

Companies look no further, delivered to perfection
We save you time by booking your items in for you. Choose which goods going to the fulfilment centre in Amazon Seller Central. Label or number your products, then head to our website and complete the checkout process.

What are the dimensions for Amazon pallets?
The dimensions info can be found in our pallet size guide. Following the dimensions is crucial for your bookings. Please adhere to the dimensions guidelines to avoid any restrictions or damage.

Learn about our Amazon delivery service.

Pallet Size Guide

For oversized pallet sizes please book additional full pallet spaces. Maximum width or length allowed is 3 metres.

Quarter Pallet Half Pallet Full Pallet
Quarter Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery Half Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery
From UK: £37.92 From UK: £43.28 From UK: £48.64
Length: 1.2m (120cm) Length: 1.2m (120cm) Length: 1.2m (120cm)
Width: 1.0m (100cm) Width: 1.0m (100cm) Width: 1.0m (100cm)
Height: 0.6m (60cm) Height: 1.0m (100cm) Height: 2.2m (220cm)

Reliable European Pallet Delivery Services

We can make a delivery to any of the following locations...

Send a Pallet to United Kingdom UK
Send a Pallet to Belgium Belgium
Send a Pallet to France France
Send a Pallet to Germany Germany
Send a Pallet to Holland Holland
Send a Pallet to Ireland Ireland
Send a Pallet to Italy Italy
Send a Pallet to Norway Norway
Send a Pallet to Poland Poland
Send a Pallet to Portugal Portugal
Send a Pallet to Spain Spain
Send a Pallet to Sweden Sweden
Questions & Answers
Sending a pallet is much cheaper than sending parcels. Make sure that you utilise our express delivery service and book today.

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Get a quote for your express pallet delivery, UK or Europe, and enjoy a same day pick up if you book before 11:30am. Track your shipment to the destination on our website, and it is best to make sure you insure with our upgraded pallets insurance service add on. We are the one of the cheapest pallet delivery options on offer for all sizes, regardless of the weight, height, length or width.

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This is the process of moving products from one location to another, via a pallet. We can collect and deliver your pallets from our base and prepare pallets for delivery throughout the UK.

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Our must-have service is one of the most cost effective services provided by pallet delivery companies in the UK. Making pallet deliveries is what our company does, even if you need to ship oversized products.

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Our team has a great base when it comes to sending and unloading a European pallet overseas. We can distribute a mini, quarter pallet, a half pallet or a full pallet quantity to over 30 European nations. Obtain your price for the likes of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Spain mainland or Denmark.

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We can give you the answers you require about VAT or any VAT payments on existing accounts. We can discuss VAT in person over the phone. Our staff are well equipped and can discuss this or any other issue relating to your experience with us.

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This area has been added to our list as a new country option, in light of recent requests. Delivering pallets is possible in this area if you are looking for pallet courier services, as is Northern Ireland and the Republic.

As pallet couriers, our freight tracking covers loading at the depot, unloading and the final confirmation. Be sure to start tracking on the 'Track Order' page and get used to a fantastic service.

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You can purchase pallets from industrial areas, department stores, construction sites, wholesalers and small businesses. Make sure to check the standard sizes, in terms of height, width and length.

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We offer one of the best options if you need the cheapest pallet delivery service. Our high standard of services are renowned, just give us a call at our base to hear more.

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You can select your dates in our checkout area, including next day delivery. You can also add a number of options such as a tail lift if you do not have a forklift at your base.

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Brilliant news! Click the button below and be sure to check the standard height, length, weight and width dimensions before booking.

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This is a must have and the right place to optimise your company. It is free to get a price. Once you have selected your postcode, you must follow the dimensions. If you are unsure of the standard weight, height, width or length dimensions, you can find them in our help section.

Choose Palletline Shipping
We operate through the Palletline delivery network. All pallet collections and haulage in the UK will be handled by trusted Palletline depots.

Proven Standard Shipping

In excess of 11,000 standard pallets are moved through the Palletline network daily. Thousands of items have been successfully delivered via this site.

Protected Pallet Company

All components in transport are covered by standard RHA insurance rates. Standard goods are insured at £1.30 per kilogram during transportation from our company.

Top Selling Couriers

Acquire your standard, half or mini quarter pallet quote straight away and start using our online services.

European Consignment Solutions

We can redirect your standard or quarter pallet goods to European countries from our base including Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and more.

Forward standard palletised items to European destinations like the Spain mainland at low prices. No matter the weight of the standard pallets, our team is united to provide your business with a large number of European choices.

Helping Businesses With Their Logistics Needs

We can help businesses with our large logistics solution. If you would like more information about our pallet shipping, or when your standard products are in transit, please call or contact us. We have one goal in mind. To place standard freight consignments in the desired location without any damage.

Choose From a Range of Different Nations

Our clients choose our services instead of supplying a standard parcel to their clients. Our organisation can distribute a light or heavy quantity of pallets around to any postcode within 30 nations.

The Pallet World is Changing

A number of companies are seeking further country options for their parcel or pallets including the Republic of Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and more... .