Pallet Online - Information About Our Delivery Services

As an industry pioneer, PalletOnline always strives to offer cost-effective but sensational pallet delivery services to customers all across the UK and Europe.

You will experience exceptional customer care from the very beginning; from shrink wrapping pallets to tail-lifting and timing delivery slots, we have got you covered.

How Do I Book A Delivery?

When you decide to book your pallet delivery, you can do this easily on the PalletOnline website. Go to the homepage and enter the following pieces of information; the collection region, delivery country, size of pallet and weight of your goods.

You will then receive an instant free quote based on the information you provided, and you can proceed through to the checkout to place your order.

How Much Do Pallet Deliveries Cost?

Cost depends on various factors, but is mostly calculated based on the weight of your goods and pallet size.

For example, we would normally determine where your goods are coming from and going to (the total journey distance), the total weight of your goods and the size of the pallet.

You can find out how much your pallet delivery will cost by getting a free instant quote through the PalletOnline website.

Where Can I Access Order Updates?

Detailed order updates are available upon request if you contact PalletOnline directly; you can do this by either calling or sending a message via Live Chat and we will do our best to keep you as updated as we can.

Or if you would prefer regular updates without the hassle of contacting us as often, you can login or create an account instead.

What Is A Customer Business Account?

At PalletOnline, we decided that we would like to start giving something back to our loyal customers in return for their many pallet delivery bookings.

To show our appreciation, we have introduced customer business accounts as a way to reward you for your business.

Essentially, after 30 days of pallet delivery bookings with PalletOnline you will start to receive discounted rates for future orders; you can redeem these as and when you please.