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When it comes to Amazon FBA, we have made every effort to answer your questions.

There are plenty of help pages to offer you further advice if you feel that we have not answered every question.

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Where Can I Get Pallets?

We CAN NOT supply a pallet for goods going into Amazon Fulfilment Centres as this is against their rules and regulations.

You must source your own pallet and package the goods yourself.

You can source pallets from industrial areas, department stores, construction sites and even wholesalers.

Alternatively, you can buy pallets directly from pallet manufacturers.

Where Do I Find The BOL For Amazon FBA?

If you need a BOL prior to delivery, you may be trying to book your goods into Amazon yourself. As a preferred carrier we book your goods into Amazon for you.

Once you've added your goods in your Seller Central account and label them, we take over for you.

This is a hassle free service allowing you to send your goods into Amazon FBA much easier than previously.

We will provide you with a BOL (also known as a POD - Proof of Delivery) within 5 days of your goods being delivered into the Amazon fulfilment centre.

Tracking Your Amazon Pallet Delivery

Once your collection is booked, we will request a booking date and time from Amazon; The Fulfilment Centre will need to confirm this before we can update you.

As soon as Amazon confirms a booking date and time slot for your shipment, we will make the delivery depot aware and plan delivery into the Fulfilment Centre.

You can use our tracking page or tracking app to keep tabs on your Amazon pallet delivery with us, but if you have any questions or concerns, please raise them with us immediately.

Amazon has between 5 - 10 working days to return the POD for your delivery. As soon as this becomes available, it will show when you track your order.

Can I Use Plastic Pallets For Amazon FBA?

No, Amazon strictly prohibit the use of plastic pallets inside their fulfilment centres.

If you attempt to ship your goods on a plastic pallet, they will be rejected by Amazon and additional fees may apply.