What is Amazon LTL?

We have taken the time to outline the main points you need to know about LTL, including how the process works and what is required of you as the seller.

Fulfilment by Amazon offers countless benefits, including a pickup service for less-than-truckload (LTL) and full-truckload (FTL) shipments to certain Fulfilment Centres.

Using Amazon-partnered carriers, LTL shipments help reduce the time and cost involved in getting your inventory into Amazon's Fulfilment network and making it available to customers for purchase.

How Do LTL Shipments Work?

We have explained what LTL shipments are, but now you need to know the latter: how LTL shipments work.

Once the shipping costs have been confirmed and approved, Amazon will send a Bill of Lading (BOL) - this can also be found in the tracking tab for your shipment. Plus, shipment details can be found on the BOL and will be available on the morning of your collection in most cases.

You must select an approved carrier for your Amazon LTL shipment. Under no circumstance are you allowed to deliver the LTL shipment yourself, and if you attempt this, your shipment is likely to be refused and turned away.

Also, you must ensure you follow Amazon's strict LTL guidelines when planning your shipment. Following their rules will increase the chance of your shipment being accepted the first time, without facing any unnecessary issues.

Failing to follow Amazon's LTL guidelines may result in the refusal or disposal of your items at your own expense.

How Much Does it Cost To Ship A Pallet To Amazon?

Cost is normally calculated based on shipping rates, the collection location and the Fulfilment Centre you wish to ship your items out to. For this reason, prices may vary when booking your Amazon pallet delivery.

You can get a free Amazon pallet delivery quote by heading over to our website and selecting 'Amazon Fulfilment'. From there, simply enter the collection postcode and select the correct Fulfilment Centre; we will take care of the rest!

Does Amazon Accept Plastic Pallets?

Using plastic pallets is against Amazon's rules. They only accept certain wooden pallets, more specifically, 4-way access (wooden) pallets.

The standard pallet used for Amazon pallet deliveries is 40 x 48 inches, but if a large unit cannot fit on this without overhanging the pallet, then you will need to select a pallet size and type that is more suitable for the unit.

What Does Amazon Do With Their Pallets?

Once the goods are dropped at the correct Fulfilment Centre, Amazon is allowed a few working days to offload the pallet completely before disposing of the pallet itself.

There is no possible means for Amazon to get hold of each seller to return their pallets to them - they deal with millions, if not billions of Amazon sellers every year and returning pallets is unfortunately not at the top of their agenda.

In most cases, Amazon will dispose of empty pallets by simply recycling them. You can imagine their warehouses are already full to the brim with unloaded goods ready to work their way directly to Amazon buyers!

Space is limited at every Amazon Fulfilment Centre, so for this reason, you will need to use a different pallet each time you arrange an Amazon pallet delivery.

How Do You Become An Amazon Carrier?

Only carriers are allowed to ship pallets directly into Amazon Fulfilment Centres in the UK - those who are part of the Preferred Carrier programme.

While you are not allowed to ship to Amazon yourself, a few of the main benefits of trusting a preferred carrier to deliver your FBA shipment are:

  • - Preferred carriers are given daily fixed slots, including on the weekends, to deliver shipments across all Fulfilment Centres.
  • - Carriers, like PalletOnline, will book Amazon FBA deliveries on your behalf using Carrier Central (similar to Seller Central, but for use of the carrier only). You do not need to contact the FC to book a delivery slot, you just need to contact the carrier with your FBA shipment ID, FC destination and the number of pallets, units and cartons.
  • - Carriers are familiar with Amazon's delivery requirements and can advise you accordingly.

For more information regarding sending an Amazon pallet delivery, please head over to the 'Amazon Fulfilment' section of our Help Centre.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak with us directly regarding booking an Amazon pallet delivery, you can do so by calling or sending a message through our Live Chat service.

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