What is Amazon LTL?

Amazon LTL shipments are a great way to save time and money when shipping your goods to Fulfilment Centres.

Below we have outlined the main points of Amazon LTL, including how the process works and what is required of you, the seller.


How does Amazon LTL work?

Want to book an Amazon pallet delivery hassle-free? Look no further than PalletOnline!

We offer the best prices for your FBA delivery by loading your pallets onto a shared trailer with other pallets headed to the same Fulfillment Centre. 

Booking is easy! Simply head to your Seller Central account on Amazon, select the goods you want to send to Amazon, and get your Amazon Reference ID (aka PO Number) and FBA code.

Amazon will also let you know which Fulfilment Centre your goods are headed to. 

Once you have all the info, just book your collection and prep your pallets. And don't worry about a BOL - we've got you covered.

As a preferred carrier, we'll book your goods into Amazon for you. All you need to do is label your goods in your Seller Central account and we'll take care of the rest.


How much does it cost to ship a pallet to Amazon?

All our prices are postcode driven, so the cost depends on your collection address and which Fulfilment Centre your goods are headed to.

You can get a FREE Amazon pallet delivery quote by heading to our homepage and selecting the ‘Amazon’ tab at the top. From there, simply enter the collection postcode and select the Fulfilment Centre; We will take care of the rest!


Does Amazon accept plastic pallets?

Amazon does not normally accept plastic pallets as this is against their rules and regulations. They only accept standard wooden, 4-way pallets.

We do not recommend attempting to send your goods on a plastic pallet as this will increase the risk of your shipment being rejected and returned by Amazon.


What does Amazon do with their pallets?

As soon as your goods reach the FC, we allow Amazon around 5 working days to provide us with a POD. When available, your POD should show on your tracking page.

Once everything is offloaded, Amazon will normally dispose of empty pallets.


How do you become an Amazon carrier?

Amazon has made some changes to their rules and regulations. Now, only carriers that are approved and part of the Preferred Carrier program can ship pallets directly to Amazon Fulfilment Centres, like PalletOnline.

If you need more info on how to send pallets to Amazon, hit us up on Live Chat and we'll gladly assist you! Or, if you're looking for more advice and tips on Amazon FBA, check out our Help Centre.

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