Can You Explain the Amazon FBA Terminology?

Who said sending your goods on a pallet to Amazon has to be confusing?

If you are not familiar with the lingo used for sending pallets to Amazon, we are more than happy to help you understand all the terms and what they mean. 

Our pallet delivery service can boost your Amazon seller account, with our team able to distribute your goods to any Amazon fulfilment centre in the UK.

The information below should be useful for anybody who is just getting started with Amazon FBA or even fully established retailers, for that matter. 

How do I find my PO Number? 

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Amazon's terms and abbreviations, then you might like to know more about your ‘PO number’ prior to sending pallets to amazon fulfillment centres. 

It stands for your Purchase Order Number.

Your PO Number is normally provided to you by Amazon once your order has officially been submitted (Amazon Reference ID). 

What is an ASN Number?

An ASN Number is your Amazon Shipment Notification Number.

When your pallet shipment has been processed by Amazon, your shipment page should update with your ASN Number.

What is an FBA Number?

When you book a pallet delivery to Amazon, they should provide you with your ‘Fulfilled By Amazon number’, which is the same as your ASN number.

Once you have found the Amazon reference ID (that begins with ‘FBA’), you can then provide us with this code.  

What does a carton look like? 

Cartons are so easy to identify but can often be confused with crates and cases.

A carton is typically an individual item contained in a box, i.e. if you have ten cartons for delivery, Amazon will know to expect ten boxes from your pallet upon delivery. 

To order a pallet delivery to Amazon, they will need to know the exact number of cartons of goods that are secured to your pallet prior to delivery.

This is vital to remember when sending goods to Amazon fulfillment centres across the country.

Informing Amazon of how many cartons you are going to be sending on a pallet will let them know exactly what to expect and when. 

All Clear? That’s Great!

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