What Is an Oversized Pallet?

Our pallet delivery service accommodates oversized pallets in quarter, half, and full sizes, catering to a wide range of pallet delivery needs.

Oversized pallets are designed for items that exceed standard pallet dimensions of 1.2m x 1m, providing a flexible solution for larger or irregularly shaped goods. To facilitate the handling of these larger pallets, it is crucial to have a forklift or equivalent unloading equipment available at both the collection and delivery locations.

Below is our size guide to help you choose the most appropriate option for your requirements:

Full Oversized Pallet

  • Maximum Weight: 2,000kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 2.4m (240cm) x 1.2m (120cm)
  • Maximum Height: 2.2m (220cm)

Half Oversized Pallet

  • Maximum Weight: 500kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 2m (200cm) x 1.2m (120cm)
  • Maximum Height: 1m (100cm)

Quarter Oversized Pallet

  • Maximum Weight: 250kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 2m (200cm) x 1.2m (120cm)
  • Maximum Height: 0.6m (60cm)

For items larger than these specifications, quarter or half oversized pallets up to 3m x 1.2m can be accommodated by booking an extra single space to manage the added width. The weight limits remain at 500kg for half and 250kg for quarter oversized pallets.

For full oversized pallets, dimensions can extend up to 3.6m x 1.2m, necessitating the reservation of an additional full single pallet space, with a weight cap of 2,000kg.

Important: To ensure a smooth booking process, please include your pallet's dimensions in the goods description when reserving an oversized pallet. Remember to account for the height and weight of the pallet itself (approximately 20cm and 20kg) in your calculations, as vehicle clearance measurements start from the ground up, encompassing the pallet of goods.

Booking oversized pallet spaces is essential for transporting larger items efficiently and securely. Before booking, if unsure, we recommend verifying that your item's size is within our permissible range.

Please ensure that there is forklift availability at loading and unloading points is also crucial for handling these larger pallets.

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