What is an oversized pallet?

When ordering a pallet collection and delivery, it is vital that you select the correct pallet size before confirming any details and moving further into the booking process.

For example, your items may exceed the maximum height, length or width to be shipped on a full pallet, therefore you would need to look at your other options.

An oversized pallet is exactly what you think: a pallet large enough to carry items that are ‘oversized’. Items that are too large for a full pallet would cause overhang, which may result in damaging them or even other pallets for that matter.

We have more details on our website to help you understand whether you require an oversized pallet and what 'oversized' means.

What is a Full Pallet?

A full pallet is essentially a standard UK pallet, in other words the ‘normal’ pallet size. This is the largest size you can select before your goods classify for an oversized pallet, supposing your items are too large to be safely secured to a full pallet.

If you are unsure, the dimensions of a full pallet are the following: 120cm Length x 100cm Width x 220cm Height and a maximum weight allowance of 1,200kg.

If your items exceed either the length, width ,or height, then you would have to book an oversized pallet.

As you will be taking up additional space on the delivery vehicle, you will be charged accordingly based on the number of additional pallets required.

How Are Oversized Pallets Measured?

An oversized pallet is a pallet that exceeds the dimensions of a standard pallet, be it by a few inches or even a few centimetres.

We do not accept pallets with items that overhang, as this could result in damaged items or damage to other pallets throughout their journey.

To keep things simple, oversized pallets are essentially additional full pallets. For example, if an item is longer than 120cm but is under 100cm wide and shorter than 220cm, you would only need to book 1 additional full pallet space.

However, if the item exceeds both the length and width of a full pallet, then you would have to book 4 additional full pallet spaces to ensure everything sits flush in the delivery vehicle.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many pallet delivery services that will accept pallets if items overhang; after all, overhang is overhang. Please ensure you have measured your items correctly and that they do not hang over the edges of the pallet (at all) before booking your pallet delivery.

For more information regarding oversized pallet delivery, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 0845 658 0049 or send a message via our Live Chat service. Our friendly customer support team will always be happy to help you.

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