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What's The Difference Between Quarter And Half Pallets?

Quarter and half pallets are not the same.

A half pallet holds 500 kilograms and a quarter pallet holds 250 kilograms.

You can refer to our pallet size guide if you need more details on pallet sizes.

How Do I Select The Correct Pallet Sizes?

Your goods must not overhang the pallet.

Before generating your unique quote, check our pallet size guide for help selecting the correct pallet size!

Our guide shows the maximum measurements and weight limits of a quarter, half, full and oversized pallet.

You can always send us a message using Live Chat for further clarification.

Does An Oversized Pallet Cost More To Ship?

All our prices are postcode driven and depend on the size of the pallet, too.

As an oversized pallet will take up additional pallet spaces in the trailer, the cost of shipping is slightly higher.

This is simply because we cannot place other pallets in the spaces around your pallet, as these are needed to ensure your goods travel safely.

Should I Use Shrink Or Stretch Wrap?

For the protection of your goods, you must wrap them in pallet wrap.

This can be either shrink wrap or stretch wrap, but this must be done before collection takes place.

Without pallet wrap, your goods will become damaged very easily as pallets can be moved around up to 8 times during their journey through the network.

Can You Provide A Pallet?

Yes, we offer a Pallet and Wrap service for an additional £20+VAT at checkout.

The collection driver will arrive will a pallet and stretch wrap, and will either package your goods at the collection point, or take them to the depot.

You can find more information about our Pallet and Wrap service on the dedicated help page above.