What’s the Difference Between a Normal and a Euro Pallet?

Standard pallets and Euro pallets are not the same but share some similarities.

What is a normal pallet?

Normal pallets are known as standard pallets here in the UK.

Standard pallets are 1.2 metres x 1metre; the height determines the pallet size. For example, items that are 0.6 metres would be placed on a standard quarter pallet.

You can use our pallet size guide for reference if you wish.

What is a Euro pallet?

 A Euro pallet is also known as an EUR-pallet. 

Standard EUR-pallets are 1200mm x 800mm. 

You may use a Euro pallet for your delivery with PalletOnline, but please check this with us first; We will advise you further on pallet requirements. 

Why would I need a Euro pallet?

Euro pallets can be used in several industries, from logistics to holding and storing food such as poultry and fruit. 

Like standard UK pallets, EUR-pallets vary in sizes and you must know whether the standard size is appropriate for the items you wish to ship.

For more information regarding Euro pallets, please send us a message using Live Chat; We’re here you answer your questions. 

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