What’s the Difference Between a Normal and a Euro Pallet?

Standard pallets and Euro pallets are not the same but share some similarities.

What is a normal pallet?

In the UK, we commonly refer to regular pallets as "standard pallets."

These standard pallets typically measure 1.2 meters by 1 meter, and their size is determined by their height.

For instance, if your items are 0.6 meters in height, they would be suitable for placement on a standard quarter pallet.

If you'd like, you can consult our pallet size guide for your reference.


What is a Euro pallet?

A Euro pallet, sometimes referred to as an EUR-pallet, typically comes in the standard size of 1200mm x 800mm.

If you're considering using one for your PalletOnline delivery, it's a great choice. However, we recommend getting in touch with us first to confirm its suitability.

Our team will provide you with additional guidance on any specific pallet requirements you may have. 


Why would I need a Euro pallet?

Euro pallets have a wide range of applications across different industries, including logistics and the storage of various goods like poultry and fruits.

Similar to standard UK pallets, EUR-pallets come in different sizes, so it's crucial to determine if the standard size suits the items you intend to transport.

If you need further details about Euro pallets, don't hesitate to reach out via Live Chat. We're here to assist and address any questions you may have.


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