What’s Included in the Pallet and Wrap Service?

Many consider Pallet and Wrap the easiest way of making sure their goods are packed, wrapped and secured properly for delivery.

Here’s what is included in the Pallet and Wrap service with PalletOnline:

Who provides the pallet?

In this case, we provide the pallet for you.

The pallet is included in the total cost of the Pallet and Wrap service, so you won't need to supply your own pallet!

Should I help to wrap the pallet?

There is no requirement for you to wrap your own pallet if you have purchased Pallet and Wrap.

The driver will wrap the goods at the point of collection, but please note that on some occasions, the driver may take the goods back to the depot to be palletised.

Can You Supply Ratchet Straps?

Ratchet straps aren't included in our Pallet and Wrap service; you'll need to supply your own and hand them to the driver on collection if your items need additional support.

Can I book Pallet and Wrap for Amazon FBA?

Unfortunately, we can't palletise goods going into Amazon Fulfilment Centres.

Amazon’s rules and regulations state that ALL FBA shipments must be packed and wrapped by vendors themselves, and the carrier cannot take any responsibility for packing FBA deliveries.

This reduces the risk of Amazon refusing your pallets for failing to comply with their rules and regulations.

For further details on Pallet and Wrap or help booking your Amazon pallet delivery, please send a message using Live Chat. We’re always happy to help!

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