What Is Standard Insurance?

Our insurance policy provides cover for legal liability concerning loss or damage to goods while being handled within our pallet network.

Please note, the policy does not insure the goods themselves, rather the liability for the goods is insured.

We operate in accordance with the RHA Carriage Conditions for standard network freight.

By default, we enhance our insurance coverage to £5 per kilogram, a substantial increase compared to the standard £1.30 per kg offered by RHA liability.

Insurance coverage comes into effect once the goods have been collected from your designated pick-up point.

Should your goods suffer damage in transit, the ownership and responsibility for these goods remain yours at all times.

Under Common Law, as the goods' owner, you have a duty to behave as a prudent uninsured individual (i.e., act as though no insurance is in place to cover the loss) while striving to reduce or minimise your loss before submitting a claim.

This involves sorting the consignment to recover undamaged goods, reworking or repacking, or exploring the possibility of selling the goods to a secondary market or salvage agent.

Goods should not be abandoned or destroyed until a claim has been paid.

If it is safe to proceed, damaged goods will be returned to the owner for assessment. Photographs will be taken to document the general state of the pallet(s).

You should disassemble the pallet(s), separating undamaged goods, items that can be repaired/reworked, and damaged goods with no residual value.

It's important to note that only goods proven to be damaged or contaminated can be included in a claim.

Owners cannot claim for goods that they simply suspect might be contaminated or damaged. This is referred to as 'fear of loss', and is not permissible.

The onus is ALWAYS on the owners of the goods to provide evidence to support their claim.

Natural Deterioration/Temperature Change

While our insurance policy covers liability for "physical loss of or damage to cargo", it specifically excludes liability arising from loss or damage caused by "gradual deterioration" or "depreciation or deterioration due to a variation in temperature".

What does this mean?
If you're shipping perishable or sensitive goods, and there's a delay in delivery for any reason, the claim is likely to be rejected regardless of the delivery timescale chosen. This includes items such as plants, food, and dry ice.

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