What Happens If My Goods Are Damaged in Transit?

Although it's pretty rare, we understand that sometimes things just don't go as planned.

If you happen to receive damaged goods, please give us a heads-up within 24 hours of delivery.

We'll send over a claims form to your inbox, and we'd appreciate it if you could get it back to us within 24-48 hours of receiving it.

Keep in mind that if you miss this window, your claims form might no longer be valid.


Will I be refunded in the event of damaged goods? 

We can't provide a refund for damaged items.

Refunds are only available when a paid service hasn't been completed or if a booking is cancelled by the person who paid for it.

If your items get damaged, your insurance will cover up to £5 per kilogram.


How often can goods become damaged in transit? 

Our drivers put in their best effort to make sure your goods get to where they're going in one piece, quickly and efficiently. 

Although our damage rate is less than 1%, every now and then, there may be times when your goods become damaged due to circumstances beyond our control.

Don't worry too much though – it's not a common occurrence. If, by any chance, your goods do arrive damaged, we'll make sure to sort you out with the right compensation.


What to do if your goods are damaged

If you've received damaged goods, please give us a heads-up within 24 hours to let us know you intend to make a claim.

We'll send over a claims form via email. Please send it back to us within 24-48 hours after you get it. If you miss this timeframe, your claims form might expire.

Once we have all the info, we can start processing your claim for any damage that happened during transit.

Lastly, we're truly sorry about the inconvenience this has caused you and the damage to your goods. If you need more help, just contact us via Live Chat.

Our pallet delivery service includes insurance coverage calculated at £5 for each kilogram of goods transported. It's important to note that for a claim to be eligible for review by our insurer, the goods must have a total value of at least £50.00 or weigh a minimum of 11 kilograms. Claims that do not meet these criteria will not be considered.


How long does a claim take?

The whole claims process can take about 12 to 16 weeks.

We know that this may seem like quite a while, but our team of claims handlers have to dive deep into every aspect of the shipment for all our network members.

Rest assured, we'll keep you in the loop with regular updates as we go through the claims process.

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