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PalletOnline - Information about Pallet Delivery Insurance

While it is very rare that pallets arrive damaged or are lost in transit, all deliveries are covered under our basic insurance policy.

How Does Pallet Delivery Insurance Work?

All deliveries are covered under our basic insurance policy, but you can select our upgraded insurance policy should you wish.

When shipping goods of any value through a pallet network, it’s crucial that you make sure they are properly insured.

That way, if an accident happened unexpectedly, your goods would be covered and you could claim some of the value back from the insurance provider.

What Is Covered Under My Insurance?

Unless you have selected the upgraded insurance policy, your basic insurance will cover up to £1.30 per kilogram of goods.

If you require a higher insurance, you can purchase our upgraded insurance policy for an additional £4 +VAT. This will cover up to £5 per kilogram of goods.

How Much Does Insurance Usually Cost?

Upgraded insurance for your goods will cost you as little as £4 and brings you £5 per kilogram that is lost or damaged in our hands.

Otherwise, our standard insurance covers £1.30 per kilogram and is automatically added free of charge at the checkout.

Higher insurance is certainly worth purchasing if you are shipping anything of significant value through our network.

When Can I Claim Insurance?

If you notice missing or damaged goods, you must make us aware of this immediately.

As soon as we are notified of lost or damaged goods, we will email you a claims form to complete and return to us as soon as possible.

Please provide as much detail as you can, along with images of the damage or pallets that are missing.

This process can take several working days to complete. We kindly ask for your patience; We will keep you fully updated.

Will I Be Refunded For Damage?

You will not receive a refund for damaged goods. Your insurance will return compensation for goods lost or damaged in our hands.

A refund may only be issued where we have failed to provide a service that you have paid for, you have placed a booking by mistake or if you wish to cancel your booking with us (not on the same day as collection).

Please note that there is a £5 cancellation fee for all bookings and you must notify us the day before collection at the very latest.