1. What happens if my goods are damaged in transit?
  2. How can I make an insurance claim?
  3. Are you a member of the Road Haulage Association?
  4. Can I get upgraded insurance on my order?
  5. When will my insurance claim be processed?
  6. What if my goods arrive damaged?
  7. What is upgraded insurance?
  8. What is Standard Insurance?

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PalletOnline - Information about Pallet Delivery Insurance

Damage to goods can occur when it is least expected, especially if you have gone the extra mile to wrap and protect them ahead of their journey.

We understand that there may be a few questions surrounding insurance and when you can claim back what you may have lost, so we have taken the liberty of answering them.

Should I Get Insurance For Pallet Deliveries?

Insuring your goods is crucial when shipping them far and wide through any delivery network, especially if they hold a lot of value.

This is why we advise our customers to purchase insurance for their goods before sending them through our network.

Then if an accident was to happen or anything happened to go wrong, their goods would be covered and they would be able to claim some money back for any loss or damage.

What Is Covered Under My Insurance?

Insurance will keep your goods covered during their journey through the PalletOnline network to their destination.

The only items that your insurance would not cover are; various types of glass, personal belongings, bullion, cash and other similar items.

So, if your goods become lost or damaged in transit, you will be able to claim on your insurance and get money back.

How Much Does Insurance Usually Cost?

If you are a member of the Road Haulage Association, upgraded insurance for your goods will cost you as little as £4 and brings you £5 per every kilogram that becomes lost or damaged.

You can also get a lower type of insurance for smaller, less valuable goods which will return £1.30 for every kilogram of lost or damaged goods. As you can imagine, insurance is well worth getting for palletised deliveries and won’t cost you too much either.

When Can I Claim On Insurance?

After discovering that your goods are missing or damaged, we ask you to make us aware of this immediately.

As soon as you notify PalletOnline of your missing or damaged goods, we will work with you to settle the claim as quickly as we can.

Depending on which insurance you purchased, we will base the insurance claim on £1.30 or £5 per kilogram of your lost or damaged goods.

Will I Be Refunded For Damage?

Your insurance is similar to that of a refund, but is not the same thing.

In certain cases, a refund will be processed if PalletOnline has failed to provide the service paid for by the customer, but in situations where damage or loss is caused, insurance is used to compensate.

Therefore, we advise our customers to purchase insurance before booking a collection or delivery of goods.