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All deliveries of alloy wheels and tyres must be made on a pallet. Pallets can be supplied by us in checkout.

Alloy Wheel Courier

Experts in sending alloy wheels and tyres in the UK and Ireland.
Same day collection if ordering before 11.30am on a week day.
PalletOnline can supply a pallet for your collection.
Thousands of pallets sent daily through our network.
Delivery available anywhere in the UK and Ireland via pallet network.

Alloy Wheels Courier

Finding a good alloy wheels courier has never been easier. You just found the best solution to meet your alloy wheel and tyre courier needs. We send thousands of pallets every week through our network. You can get your alloy wheels delivered next day. We offer same day collection if you order before 11.30am on a week day. 

PalletOnline are the top choice when you need a alloy wheel courier. Sending tyres by courier or wheels has never been so simple. We operate by sending your alloy wheels and or tyres on a pallet. If you don’t have access to a pallet we can supply one for you. Please note that you must have straps to secure your alloy wheels or tyres to the pallet.

You can get your car tyres delivered next day with us. We will pass any wheel courier review. If you are buying cheap tyres or expensive alloys we can deliver them for you. Ordering winter tyres? You can have them safely delivered within 24 hours. Our service can cater for any tyre sizes you choose to buy. Just ensure your tyres or alloys will fit within our pallet sizes. If you need to send over sized goods on a pallet you can pay for additional pallet spaces. 

Pallet Delivery Help

Get a quote at the top of the page for your tyres or alloy wheel pallet delivery. Just enter your postcode for collection and delivery points and head through the checkout. If you’re not sure how many spaces you require see our pallet size guide.

Standard alloy wheel courier companies do not have the versatility of PalletOnline. Our network are sending thousands of pallets around the UK daily. You can also get car parts delivered via our pallet delivery service. Car tyres online have become big business and now you have your perfect partner for alloy wheel and tyres pallet deliveries.

The weight and dimensions allowed on a single pallet for your delivery are 1,200kg in weight. 1.2 metres by 1 metre in width. You can fit a range of tyres and alloys in this space. Maximum height for a single pallet is 2.2 metres. Please note that you may be able to make a saving by having a half or quarter pallet if you can fit your goods within a smaller height space.

Courier Services & Support

You can access Live Chat or our Help Desk for great customer service. Live Chat enables you to get an instant response to your questions during business hours. Our courier services and customer support for your tyres and alloy wheels is second to none.

PalletOnline is a well established pallet collection and delivery service for the UK and Ireland. Offering a wide range of extras during the checkout process. You can send alloy wheels via courier in confidence.

Buying Alloy Wheels & Tyres

If you need help buying tyres online you can read the RAC’s Guide to Tyre Buying or Parkers Ultimate Guide to Car Tyres. Matey Matey produced A Complete Buying and gave out some great advice.

Selling tyres or alloy wheels on sites like eBay? We are your perfect partner for courier pallet deliveries and collections. Just get a quote at the top of the site to get started with your booking. We can save addresses you send to and from to make it easier for you on return visits. If you would like any further assistance feel free to get in touch with us about this.

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Quick and helpful service :)


Helped me with the whole process of sending my goods to Amazon. Very helpful and informative from the get go, thanks guys!


Made a huge impact on my business allowing me to easily send my pallets to Amazon. Great system.


Easy and simple to use your website to book online. Collection and delivery always accurate. friendly staff, that's all what I can say. Thanks.


Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!


Payment refunded back as agreed. Nice, clear and transparent. Many thanks!



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