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Pay Hikes Lead to Driver PoachingPay Hikes Lead to Driver Poaching
Leading administrators have warned that increased driver wages and competitive sign-on bonuses could worsen the national driver shortage, resulting in firms relentlessly poaching one another's staff.
Tuesday 21st September 2021
5 Common Mistakes People Make Booking Pallet Deliveries5 Common Mistakes People Make Booking Pallet Deliveries
Whether you're new to pallet shipping or it's included in your everyday affairs, logistics is an industry where mistakes can be easily made, yet easy to solve with a gentle nudge in the right direction.
Tuesday 14th September 2021
Shipping Through a Pallet Network VS a Standard CourierShipping Through a Pallet Network VS a Standard Courier
What you wish to ship will determine the type of courier service needed, and with one of the industry's busiest seasons fast approaching, now's the time to weigh up your options.
Tuesday 7th September 2021
HGV Drivers Threaten A Nationwide StrikeHGV Drivers Threaten A Nationwide Strike
British supply chains are under serious threat as under-appreciated HGV drivers plan a nationwide strike over inadequate salaries and poor working conditions.
Friday 3rd September 2021
5 Surprising Mistakes People Make Shipping Pallets5 Surprising Mistakes People Make Shipping Pallets
Amongst the pressures faced by newbies and regular shippers aiming to ship pallets in good time, mistakes are easy to make yet easily solved.
Tuesday 31st August 2021
10 Unique Ideas for DIY Pallet Furniture10 Unique Ideas for DIY Pallet Furniture
Pallets are ultimately the world's unsung heroes, as, without them, goods are far less likely to reach their destination unscathed.
Friday 27th August 2021
A Day in the Life of a Pallet Delivery Driver
When supermarkets and high street shops reach near-empty, we're often quick to forget those responsible for crucial stock drops.
Tuesday 24th August 2021
How To Pack Oddly Shaped Items On Pallets
Without a doubt, pallet packing is key to ensuring safe transit but how exactly do you go about packing oddly shaped items? There are many handy techniques and steps to ensure maximum safety for your unusually shaped items; we've listed a few of them below! Step 1: Packing in BoxesFirst and foremost, look at each item before arranging your pallet and consider its size.
Tuesday 17th August 2021
5 Crucial Steps To Choosing The Right Pallet Courier
When shipping certain goods, pallet couriers are the safest option to ensure everything arrives in pristine condition and on time.
Tuesday 10th August 2021
How The HGV Driver Shortage Will Affect Local Communities
It's no secret that Britain has fallen a few thousand HGV drivers short, but just how serious has this national crisis become? As many turn a blind eye to reports of the national HGV driver shortage, situations are worsening, and local communities all across the country are beginning to witness the severity of having far fewer drivers on board.
Friday 6th August 2021
How To Save On Pallet Shipping Costs
Picture this: you ship pallets often and believe you're already getting the best price.
Tuesday 3rd August 2021
Transport Sector Hardest Hit by Brexit and COVID-19
In the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis and Britain ultimately cutting ties with the European Union, it's no secret that the Transport sector has taken the hardest hit compared to many other industries.
Friday 30th July 2021
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Tuesday 29th June 2021
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Friday 18th June 2021
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Tuesday 15th June 2021
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