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18 Months to Train 100,000 HGV Drivers: Will the Economy Survive?
Hauliers fighting the national shortage of drivers describe their recruitment efforts as a "battle won, but a war lost" while they clutch straws to attract new and less experienced drivers.
Friday 14th January 2022
The Nightmare Before Every Hauliers Christmas
As Brits adjust to life post-pandemic, hauliers gear up for possibly the busiest Christmas in history, amid near two-week delays to deliveries from food and retail suppliers.
Friday 17th December 2021
PM to Act on Driver Shortage As Brits Face Christmas Crisis
The shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers has already caused supply chain disruptions for thousands of haulage companies, and the prime minister must act now to prevent a Christmas crisis.
Friday 10th December 2021

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5 Easy Pallet Projects You NEED to Try!
Millions of people and businesses use wooden pallets every day for shipping goods, but they can also serve many other purposes, including transforming your home with a bespoke pallet project.
Tuesday 23rd November 2021
How Pallets Can Increase Sustainability
Pallets play a significant part in the smooth running of supply chains, but the biggest question is, how can they help our environment when we're so heavily reliant on them? But, there's more to pallets than meets the eye and, believe it or not, they increase sustainability every time you use them.
Tuesday 16th November 2021
Ultimate Pallet Packing Guide
Hands up, who finds the pallet packing process a tad tricky at times? You're not alone! Whenever one thing goes wrong, everything else usually follows suit, and it's often easier to turn a blind eye than to figure out how to get back on the right track.
Tuesday 9th November 2021


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FBM Vs FBA: Which is Better?
Whether you’re a reputable business or a soon-to-be Amazon seller, you have to agree that there is nothing as crucial as your goods reaching the right place, at the right time.
Friday 18th June 2021
What You Need to Know When Sending Pallets to Amazon
Recently, Amazon Fulfilment has become one of the most popular ways for vendors to be more profitable.
Tuesday 30th March 2021
How Much Does It Cost to Send a Pallet to Amazon?
Amazon has recently changed the way that pallet deliveries are booked into their Fulfilment Centres throughout the UK and Europe.
Tuesday 19th January 2021


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What's Your Least Favourite Part of Pallet Shipping, and Why is it Customer Support?
Nine times out of ten, you will only ever contact customer support if you feel you can't resolve a problem yourself.
Friday 21st January 2022
Shipping Through a Pallet Network VS a Standard Courier
What you wish to ship will determine the type of courier service needed, and with one of the industry's busiest seasons fast approaching, now's the time to weigh up your options.
Tuesday 7th September 2021
A Brief History of the Pallet
Millions of people and businesses rely on pallets every day to ship goods, but the real question is 'what are pallets?'Many are familiar with how they work but have no idea how they came about or even why they were invented.
Wednesday 31st March 2021