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Master Pallet Packing and Height Limits in a Few Simple Steps!
Thursday 8th April 2021
Shipping pallets is a responsibility that many welcome with open arms, but do you know the significance of mastering pallet packing and height limits? Doing your research and taking all the right steps to meet the correct requirements is a great way of ensuring everything goes to plan.  Luckily, thanks to our expertise in pallet shipping we can tell you everything you need to know about pallet packing and the importance of height restrictions.  So, grab a pen and paper and let's dive right in! What is the Most Common Pallet Size? One of the biggest misunderstandings in pallet prepping is dimensions, but making this mistake yourself will ultimately cost you more time and valuable money.
How Do You Ship A Pallet Of Goods Quickly?
Tuesday 6th April 2021
Thousands of people ship pallets often, yet the biggest concern is that the process can prove to be time-consuming. Wouldn't you agree?While you may already know the ropes, brushing up on your knowledge will help you master the pallet shipping process and speed things up a little.  Luckily, we're willing to share the best-kept secret behind shipping a pallet of goods quickly.
How To Save Money By Sending Goods As Pallets!
Thursday 1st April 2021
As long as you have too many goods or items too large for normal couriers, almost anyone can send a pallet. But the real question is, how do you save money shipping pallets? Like we said, almost anyone can send a pallet but not everyone knows how to keep shipping costs to a minimum. Luckily, we are here to tell you how you can save money by sending goods as pallets!Let's dive right in!How Do You Ship a Pallet?Essentially, pallet deliveries are available to anyone and everyone so long as you are sending items that are accepted through the couriers' delivery network - make sense?Let's say you promised a friend that you would send them 10 boxes of frames for their new home.
A Brief History of the Pallet
Wednesday 31st March 2021
Millions of people and businesses rely on pallets every day to ship goods, but the real question is 'what are pallets?'Many are familiar with how they work but have no idea how they came about or even why they were invented. We know that the modern pallet is used to ease the transport of items, but how have pallets evolved through time? Here is everything you need to know about the history of pallets!What Came Before the Pallet?When it comes to it, pallets are a simple design. They serve one purpose and that is to distribute goods from one place to another.
What You Need to Know When Sending Pallets to Amazon
Tuesday 30th March 2021
Recently, Amazon Fulfilment has become one of the most popular ways for vendors to be more profitable.  More than 2 million people and businesses are selling on Amazon around the world, but how exactly do they do it? You, too, can send pallets to Amazon by following our expert advice!Since this may be your first time sending pallets to Amazon, we have lined up everything you need to know to make things easier.  Let's get started! Who Can Send Pallets to Amazon?Almost anyone can list items for sale on Amazon, from wholesale items to products you simply no longer want.
What is The Best Way To Pack My Pallet?
Friday 26th March 2021
Proper pallet packing is a crucial step towards successful pallet shipping, yet so many of us get it wrong. Essentially, arranging to send goods and packing them both require a different amount of attention. When it comes to packing and wrapping your pallet, you surely want to know the easiest way of securing everything off the top of your head.
Quickest Ways to Shrink Wrap a Pallet
Monday 22nd March 2021
Packing and wrapping your pallet properly are both vital steps towards ensuring your goods travel safely to the delivery location. However, applying shrink wrap can often prove a little time-consuming, particularly for those who like to get things done properly the first time. Luckily, we can tell you the quickest ways to shrink wrap a pallet without any unnecessary hassle or even wasted time - after all, we are the experts!What is Shrink Wrap?Essentially, shrink wrap is a material that consists of polymer plastic film.
What You Need To Know About Shipping An Engine
Friday 12th March 2021
When shipping car parts, it is crucial to ensure the safety of both your items and the car parts courier. You should know that engines must be packed and secured in a particular way for them to be accepted by your chosen pallet courier.  If you are new to shipping an engine and need some expert advice to help set you on the right track, we are here to help you.
How Do Pallet Networks Work?
Tuesday 2nd February 2021
For thousands of people, pallet networks are what keeps their business on the straight and narrow. Some would even go as far as to say that pallets and pallet networks are their unsung heroes. Where would we be without them? Right?But not everyone who sends pallets is familiar with how pallet distribution networks operate, and those that are new to the process definitely won't know the ins and outs of pallet networks for that matter.
Why It's Better To Ship Goods As Pallets
Thursday 21st January 2021
When you have several items to send, you should consider pallet shipping rather than arranging several individual deliveries. Thousands of businesses are often torn between sending a loose carton or shipping on pallets, but luckily, we are here to help you make the best decision. To begin with, the difference between pallet shipping and sending loose cartons is that pallets are typically designed to hold more boxes.
How Much Does It Cost to Send a Pallet to Amazon?
Tuesday 19th January 2021
Amazon has recently changed the way that pallet deliveries are booked into their Fulfilment Centres throughout the UK and Europe. This change has resulted in thousands of business querying the cost of sending a pallet to Amazon, but also, what those changes mean for them as Amazon sellers. Essentially, vendors are not allowed to use the previous Carrier Appointment Request Portal (CARP) system to book their deliveries with Amazon.
5 Reasons to Choose a Pallet Courier
Thursday 17th December 2020
Whether you run a business that ships goods regularly, or you need a quick and easy solution to sending multiple items all at once, choosing a pallet courier is your best option and will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Before you decide on a means of getting your deliveries from A to B, we thought you should know exactly why a pallet courier is your best option when it comes to forwarding freight from one region to another. 1) Cheaper Than Other Express Shipping ServicesLet’s say that you’re in a rush to send a pallet from the UK to another region; a pallet courier is more than capable of collecting the same day you book and can often deliver the next day! Albeit, there are other companies that offer overnight or express shipping services but these come at a cost compared to the prices offered by reputable pallet delivery companies.
How to Prepare Pallets
Monday 30th November 2020
When it comes to shipping goods via a pallet delivery, you must ensure you have selected the right pallet size before reaching out to a courier to arrange delivery. While that may often be easier said than done, determining the correct pallet size is something you should know and remember how to do for every shipment you plan to send with a pallet courier. If your pallet is too small, any boxes or items you wish to send are likely to overhang and therefore, the courier is bound to refuse to handle the pallet altogether.
Wooden Pallets - Information
Monday 23rd November 2020
Pallet couriers are a cheaper, easier and faster solution to shipping goods in large numbers. But to ship your goods on pallets with no problems, you need to know a few things first. So, let's dive straight into answering the most frequently asked questions about wooden pallets!What Type Of Wood Are Pallets Made From?Ever wondered about the type of wood UK pallets are made from? Or perhaps you have found yourself wondering ‘what type of wood are pallets made from?’ a few times and decided to educate yourself.
Packing Pallets Properly - Amazon
Tuesday 17th November 2020
Proper pallet packing is crucial when it comes to Amazon FBA, yet so many get it wrong.  Luckily, we're here to help make sure your pallets reach the right fulfilment centre, on time.  Let's dive straight into the facts of why you should follow Amazon's packing guidelines!There's a Chance Amazon Could Refuse Your GoodsFirst and foremost, Amazon has every right to refuse pallets if they aren't properly packed and wrapped.
The Most Common Reasons for Missed Deliveries
Tuesday 10th November 2020
Missed deliveries can be frustrating, especially if you feel that everything was running smoothly.  There are many questions you are likely to ask yourself, the most important being whether you did something wrong.  But the biggest elephant in the room, well, that's slightly more obvious: are you the only person who has missed a delivery? Thanks to us, you can learn some of the most common reasons for missed pallet deliveries! The Driver Ran Into Trouble Out of Their HandsWhile it's easier said than done, try to keep an open mind if you are getting to the bottom of a missed delivery that you know is not your fault.
5 Popular Items Sent On Pallets
Friday 30th October 2020
While there are many restricted or prohibited items to keep in mind when sending a pallet delivery, the list of things you can send is much more varied than those you simply can't send.  Every pallet courier differs in terms of what you are not allowed to ship but they more or less accept the same items through their networks.  You would be surprised at some of the things businesses and individuals send through pallet shipping networks every day.
5 Reasons Why a Courier Refuses Goods
Friday 23rd October 2020
You hear the word refused and automatically start to panic. What did you do wrong? Believe it or not, the answer is almost always something simple and silly. There will always be some frustration centred around a refused pallet delivery, but there are easy ways of finding out the cause.
The Do's and Don'ts - Pallet Shipping
Wednesday 21st October 2020
Pallet packing and shipping can be a tricky process to master, particularly if you are new to pallets and you have never felt the need to approach a pallet courier to assist with the shipping of your freight.  However, before you contact a courier to deliver goods on your behalf, there are a few things you need to know.  While most pallet couriers will tell you what you aren't allowed to do when using their services, they don't always mention the things you can do.
5 Useful Facts - Shipping Pallets
Wednesday 30th September 2020
Shipping pallets of goods can prove to be one of the best decisions you make for your business, or even yourself for that matter. However, before you ship goods through a pallet courier, there are a few things you should know in order to make sure everything goes to plan.  To help get everything on track and help you better prepare for shipping pallets with a pallet courier, we have mapped out a few top facts that we think you need to know! 1) Most Couriers Only Accept Wooden PalletsRegardless of which courier you choose for shipping pallets, most of them will only accept wooden pallets.
5 Top Amazon Tips For Packing Pallets
Thursday 24th September 2020
Shipping pallets to Amazon warehouses can be daunting particularly if you’re new to FBA deliveries and such. You may not be familiar with how to pack and prepare your pallet, which can make you feel even more stressed and pressured.  We know how frustrating it can be not knowing what you’re doing.
Pallet Delivery in 2020
Tuesday 22nd September 2020
Whether you need a cheap one-time solution to move your household furniture or you are looking for a cost-effective means of regularly distributing goods, you must get to know more about pallet couriers before booking your pallet delivery. As an industry that is ever-growing and forever changing, pallet delivery in 2020 is very different to how it used to be many years ago. So, you must become familiar with all the rules, regulations, requirements and restrictions that you and the courier must adhere to at all costs.
How to handle Amazon FBA returns
Friday 18th September 2020
A customer returning a product is something that no business manager would want to go through, particularly if your business is just taking its first steps. Not to mention that Amazon FBA deliveries typically involve various steps when it comes to processing and completing returns. But thankfully, these steps also tell you exactly what, where and when things went wrong.
International and National Pallets Service
Monday 14th September 2020
International and National Pallets with PalletOnlineAt PalletOnline, we always aim to provide the very best delivery service for all of our customers. Regardless of whether you want to ship goods to an overseas location or even a neighbouring city, our drivers are industry pioneers and will deliver your pallets in pristine condition and on time. If you are new to our international and national pallet service and want to know more, then you have come to the right place.
Top 10 Pallet Delivery Tips
Friday 11th September 2020
When sending your goods through a pallet delivery network, it's normal to have a few concerns that need ruling out.  Essentially, you will be handing over your valuables to people you have never met before so developing equal trust is crucial at this point.  Also, by taking on board recommendations given by logistic experts, your pallet delivery is far more likely to run smoothly.
ETA Tracking Now Available
Thursday 27th August 2020
At PalletOnline, we understand the importance of tracking your order and knowing roughly when you can expect delivery to take place. For the very first time, you can now track your delivery ETA's when you place an order with us. The first thing is first, we always love hearing your feedback - it allows us to make improvements based on your preferences and requirements.
Pallet Delivery Companies - Quick Guide
Wednesday 26th August 2020
When arranging to send your goods through a pallet delivery network, there are a few things you need to know to avoid any problems or delays. Most pallet couriers have their own rules and regulations for customers to follow, so you must research and adhere to them as much as you possibly can beforehand.  Here is what you need to know before shipping a pallet with a pallet courier! Standard Pallet Delivery RequirementsTo begin with, there’s usually strict rules and guidelines set in place for customers who use a pallet courier to deliver their goods.
Recycling Your Old Pallets
Monday 10th August 2020
Around 450 million pallets are produced each year and roughly 78% of them are reused for pallet deliveries and distribution purposes. But not everyone who uses pallets knows how to recycle them properly or even the benefits of recycling, for that matter. Throwing them away will cost you a lot of time and money if you mistake pallets for being broken or damaged, particularly if you plan on shipping more goods.
Save On Your Shipping Costs
Tuesday 28th July 2020
As a supplier or retailer, the cost of shipping goods may be higher than you'd like but there are easy ways of reducing that cost. It's no secret that shipping items weekly can be costly, particularly if those items weigh more than just a few pounds, right?At this point, you may have to consider new ways and practices to get your hands on a cheap and reliable pallet delivery service. But when it comes to delivering pallets, there are many other things you should consider to determine the best shipping cost, including the safety of your goods.
Pallet Guide – What Pallets Can I Use?
Monday 20th July 2020
All businesses at the beginning of their journey, be them online gift shops or wholesale manufacturers, will reach a point when you will have to ship a pallet. You may even have to ship several pallets at one time depending on demand.  For this reason, it would be beneficial for you to become familiar with all pallet types available to you.
Amazon FBA - Why Should I Use PalletOnline?
Thursday 16th July 2020
We can offer a proven shipping method that takes all of the hassles out of selling on Amazon; FBA pallet delivery has never been easier!Our expert team provides a highly professional service, helping hundreds of Amazon sellers distribute their goods directly to Amazon Fulfilment Centres across the country. Amazon sellers all over the country have experienced issues when shipping to Amazon in the past, but thanks to PalletOnline, you can create a brand-new shipping plan for your business. You can always count on our cost-effective Amazon pallet delivery services!Let us solve all your problem with our revolutionary Amazon FBA customer service.
PalletOnline Update for June 2020
Monday 29th June 2020
Greetings and thank you for visiting us!This blog is just a small update to keep you in the loop with the latest happenings behind the scenes at PalletOnline. Where do we begin? Well, it is seemingly a new world in many ways! Through the duration of the hard-hitting global COVID-19 pandemic, many have learnt how to adapt to working digitally and from the comfort of their own home, while others have spent some much-needed quality time with their loved ones. But at PalletOnline, we have remained in place and our wheels in full motion through the majority of the pandemic.
COVID-19 Pandemic Charity Support
Thursday 19th March 2020
Let's begin by saying that we know how much the current situation has impacted business and non-business owners throughout the country. Unfortunately, amongst those most severely affected by the impacts of COVID-19, are the charities that millions of people rely on every day. Those charities normally rely on the generosity of the public to help fund their running and distribution costs.
Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Update
Thursday 19th March 2020
At PalletOnline, we know first-hand the critical role that pallet delivery companies play in times of crisis. We always do our best to support thousands of organisations, much like yours, by ensuring goods are delivered on time to support business growth. With our support remaining steadfast during the COVID-19 pandemic, continued availability for your pallet delivery is something we take very seriously.
Amazon FBA Seller Central Tips
Wednesday 4th March 2020
Now that you have decided to become an Amazon FBA seller, you need to know the ins and outs of what is required to sell on Amazon. Fulfilment by Amazon represents the online giants' fulfilment and logistics department, aiming to simplify the procedures for Amazon sellers. Amongst many other benefits, signing up to Amazon FBA has a bunch of advantages.
Logistics Automation Revolution
Friday 28th February 2020
When it comes to pallet couriers and other logistical companies, it's safe to say that their jobs are becoming much harder to accomplish as businesses, online stores and large-scale distributors are surfacing. All couriers are now having to come up with new ways of gathering the data they need for successful deliveries and better decision making altogether, for that matter. Certain companies have implemented data visualisation and big-data algorithms to obtain the data and achieve what we mentioned before.
Pallet Delivery Europe
Tuesday 7th January 2020
Whether you're a business owner or just someone who occasionally ships items on pallets, picking out the best pallet delivery company in Europe can prove to be a difficult task.  For example, you might even come across a freight broker. In which case, you would be putting your goods at risk of being handed over to a third-party, while the latter claims that it's their pallet and their items - or something along those lines.
Best Type of Pallet for Pallet Deliveries
Monday 4th November 2019
Contrary to popular belief, pallets aren't equally manufactured. That is to say, the pallet you would use for transporting fruits and veggies might not be suitable for transporting engines spares or car parts. Before prepping for your pallet delivery, you must ensure that you have chosen a pallet suitable for your load.
How to Prepare for Pallet Collections
Monday 14th October 2019
Pallets are used for numerous applications. Customarily, they represent an industry base that facilitates the transportation of goods. Notably, it ensures that goods reach their destination safely.
Tips to Send an Engine
Thursday 19th September 2019
It is true that one of the main reasons why goods tend to get damaged during transportation is because they haven’t been packed accordingly. This applies particularly in the case of goods that are more likely to get damaged during the transportation process. This is what could happen to an engine pallet courier, for example.
A Guide to Sending Your Goods on Pallets
Thursday 22nd August 2019
There are plenty of factors that could help you realise that the best way for you to send your goods is on a pallet. Say for example, you have some heavy items that you have successfully sold; simply boxing and delivering a large item would prove rather expensive compared to shipping your goods on a pallet.  Depending on size, when you have to ship more than one box you may end up stacking around 20 boxes on a pallet.
Where Is Best To Buy Pallets
Thursday 8th August 2019
Whether you are a pallet courier or just someone that is looking for some pallets to ship some items, you should know exactly what you need to buy: pallets. A pallet may be purchased by other types of individuals as well. For example, many companies out there need pallets to stock items, keep certain types equipment safe, or to transport goods.
Brexit Planning for Small Businesses
Tuesday 6th August 2019
If you run a small company, then it's about time you and your management team do some Brexit planning for your business and take into consideration all the Brexit risks to small businesses, like yours.  Here's some suggestions on how small UK businesses should prepare themselves for Brexit.  Risks and OpportunitiesWhile it may be well known that many UK businesses are considering both the pros and cons of Brexit and its possible outcomes, it's crucial that you and your Senior Management team share what you know and make your staff aware of the risks of each possible outcome.
Advice from a Pallet Courier
Tuesday 6th August 2019
Even if you are at your first pallet delivery or you are seasoned, so to say, in terms of such deliveries, some tips can’t do any harm, right? Well when it comes to deliveries that involve pallets, their safety is the most important thing you have to worry about. In this respect, we will now present you with some pallet delivery tips that will make both of our jobs easier. They will make it easier for you to deal with your pallet and easier for us to ship it and take it where you want it taken without any issues during transport.
Engine Collection Best Practice
Monday 5th August 2019
First and foremost, before considering contacting a pallet courier for the collection of your engine, you must get rid of all oil and fluids that are still inside.  Each component that you wish to ship must be fully drained of all fluids, including oil and water. Keep in mind that even after you drain the fluids, there may be some residual liquids in there.
Pallet Size Guide to Help Measure Up
Monday 3rd June 2019
Knowing how to measure up is the key to finding the right pallet size, but make one slight mistake and you could cost yourself even more money on the run back to square one! Luckily, we have some pointers to help you save money while taking the hassle out of measuring up for your next pallet delivery. Plus, working out the size of the pallet you need (and getting it right) will help you figure out the cost of shipping your goods. Normally, most pallet couriers use a pallet size calculator and a unique formula that will consider the weight of your items and the pallet size before offering you a quote for delivery.
Avoid Pallet Courier Hidden Costs
Thursday 30th May 2019
If you have a company that relies on partnerships for transportation, you need to know exactly how to manage your pallet delivery costs. Moreover, avoiding the hidden costs is crucial if you want to hold on to the profitability of your company. Here are some top tips and tricks that may be able to help you out to reduce pallet costs.
Choosing the Best Pallet Delivery Company
Thursday 30th May 2019
As we all know, pallet delivery is one of the most efficient and cost-effective transport solutions around. More and more people - be them suppliers, sellers and so on - have all considered delivering their goods with a pallet delivery company at one point. Given that the industry just keeps on growing, it is safe to say that all of those that have decided to use a pallet courier did not return to their former transport means.
Choosing the Best Hand Pallet Truck
Friday 17th May 2019
If your business deals with a lot of pallets, then you need the best possible solution to moving heavy goods! Anyone that deals with pallet delivery will most likely feel the need to acquire a machine that can help, doesn't take up a lot of space and is more than effective when it comes to lifting and moving loads. There are so many options for you to choose from when trying to find the best pallet truck, strarting with the size of the fork all the way down to its wheels. Believe it or not, you can actually buy a cheap pallet truck online.
PalletOnline Best for Channel Island Shipments
Tuesday 7th May 2019
Arranging a pallet delivery to the Channel Islands while trying to run a business can prove difficult, particularly if you want your items to arrive there quickly.  Well, when it comes to choosing a trusted pallet courier that offers fast pallet delivery to the Channel Islands, you have plenty of (cost-effective) options. At first glance, you won't know which of them is the best courier for your goods, so it's better to take your time and consider a few things before booking a pallet delivery to the Channel Islands.
Benefits of the Palletline Network
Wednesday 1st May 2019
Palletline is a preferred carrier for Amazon pallet deliveries. The network operates as a Palletline hub and distribution system that connects all major cities throughout the UK. Moreover, as Palletline are the pioneers of palletised distribution, you can expect only the best warehousing companies to be associated with their network.
Increasing the Life Span of Your Pallets
Tuesday 23rd April 2019
Regardless of how often you ship pallets, learning how to keep your pallets safe and healthy will help prevent damage and will essentially save you more valuable money further down the line. Not to mention that, when shipping goods directly to your customers, time is money. Implementing a method of keeping your pallets strong and healthy is likely to result in saving you time, thus even more money.
Tips for Shrink Wrapping Pallets
Thursday 18th April 2019
Before booking a pallet delivery, you should consider adding an extra layer of safety to your pallet. You can do this through various means while you stack your pallet. However, one of the best ways of securing your goods is via shrink wrapping pallets.
Fulfilment by Amazon Guide
Thursday 18th April 2019
If you own a small business that specialises in selling and delivering goods, then you might have heard of the Amazon FBA delivery service.  However, what you might not know is that PalletOnline can help you with the Fulfilment by Amazon part of your business. Besides the ususal pallet delivery services that all couriers offer, we can also help you set up and deliver your goods to certain Amazon Fulfilment Centres.
Tips for Saving Money on Pallet Deliveries
Tuesday 16th April 2019
No matter if you are looking to send or receive a pallet, there is one thing that you should know: this comes with a fair number of costs. And these costs can add up so fast, you won’t even be able to say “pallet. ”A good pallet courier can help your business go through a successful “boom” – allowing your business to grow all the more.
Top 5 Mistakes when Selling on Amazon FBA
Monday 25th March 2019
Businesses that are based on Fulfilment by Amazon can often return a great income! Reports have suggested that the FBA program has seen continual increases over the years, returning a growth of 65% in 2014 alone.  While you strive to succeed, you would certainly have to work hard to achieve this. Realistically, you can't just send a pallet to Amazon and think that the job is as good as done.
The History of Pallets From Start to Now
Thursday 21st March 2019
Although we may not realise it, we see pallets almost everywhere we go; inside and outside of the supermarkets, corner shops and so on. Basically, we see them in practically every place that relies, to some extent, on product delivery and storage.  A pallet delivery company is not the only one that makes use of pallets.
Amazon Fulfilment Pallet Deliveries
Tuesday 12th March 2019
When it comes to cost-effectiveness, everyone knows that sending a pallet to Amazon is much cheaper than sending hundreds of parcels. In other words, your return investment will increase if your goods are being sent on a pallet to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre. When you send a pallet to Amazon, there are a few rules and regulations that you must adhere to for the courier to accept your goods on their site.
10 Tips to Avoid Warehouse Accidents
Friday 8th March 2019
When working in a warehouse, one is usually surrounded by a lot of people doing their work. For this reason, everyone working within a warehouse must be equally careful and safe to avoid any sort of accidents. In the following lines, we’ll talk about 10 of the ways through which you and your employees can avoid warehouse accidents.
LTL Shipping Costs & Facts
Monday 4th March 2019
In short, LTL shipments are Less than Truckload deliveries that do not amount to a full truckload, thus the load space is shared between multiple customers with smaller deliveries. Smaller shipments and shared load space generally mean cheaper shipping rates as well. But this is not the only benefit that comes with Less than Truckload; there are many other positives and reasons to book an LTL shipment rather than shipping several individual pallets.
Beginners Guide to Pallet Delivery
Tuesday 26th February 2019
When it comes to pallet delivery, you have to keep in mind that the carrier’s job is not to prepare your pallet for shipment, but only to take it from point A to point B. In this respect, you are the one responsible for the sturdiness, so to say, of your pallet. Naturally, once you contact one of the pallet delivery companies and schedule your pallet pick-up, you don’t need to worry about too many things – order collection, distribution, tracking, and delivery timelines are metrics that you can only check, but not alter.
European Pallet Delivery Service
Thursday 14th February 2019
Despite the impacts of Brexit, PalletOnline remains one of the best pallet delivery companies around. We stand strong within Europe and now offer fast and efficient European courier services.  Our increased delivery services offer affordable rates to handle and deliver up to 10 pallets to your chosen European destination.
Send a Pallet to Ireland
Monday 14th January 2019
Another year and we are stepping it up again at PalletOnline!You will be pleased to know that we now have a dedicated section for people wanting to send a pallet to Ireland or even from Ireland for that matter.  There is a guide on this page itself, but for you benefit, we will outline exactly how shipping goods on a pallet to Ireland works. Republic Of Ireland Pallet Delivery If you're sending your goods on a pallet to the Republic of Ireland, simply enter a county in the pallet location box provided.
New Pallet Delivery Website Launched!
Friday 16th November 2018
After a long time spent crafting the perfect solution to booking pallet deliveries, we are delighted to launch the new PalletOnline website!We have been working hard to put together our new look for months behind the scenes and now that the curtains have been pulled back, it's clear that we're packing a whole lot more than just a makeover.  Below we have outlined just some of the main features of the new PalletOnline website!Faster WebsiteOur pallet delivery system has been on a diet over the last few months, but we are proud to show you the outcome of our new pallet booking offering. Our website has been compressed to make the process of booking new pallet deliveries faster than ever before.