Success Story: Embracing Nature Ltd's Logistics Transformation
Friday 23rd February 2024 | View all Blogs

Back in 2022, Adam Billiald, Director of Embracing Nature Ltd, set out with a goal: to make and sell products that are good for the earth and for people’s homes, gardens, and pets.

Embracing Nature Ltd and its sub-brands, KinderPet, Natural Home Solutions and Natural Garden Solutions, have been built on two main ideas: everything produced, from fly and bug repellent to their anti-scratch spray for cats, is 100% natural. Plus, it’s all made right here in the UK, ensuring a quality product made to the highest standards.

But Adam quickly discovered that having a great product is just part of the story; getting those products to customers on time and in good shape is just as important.

That’s where PalletOnline came into the picture.

The Right Partner for the Job

Having faced his fair share of logistical challenges in the past, finding a dependable logistics partner was a high priority for Adam. Issues such as late pickups and missed deliveries had been all too common, highlighting the need for a change.

After discovering PalletOnline through an online search for the best-rated and most reliable pallet delivery companies, Adam was impressed by our online reviews and subsequently booked his first collection and delivery.

Adam commented;

  1. “Booking online was very straightforward and you turned up on time and our pallet of stock was delivered to its destination - our 3PL partner - on time as promised. You have consistently delivered on your promise on every booking. A 100% reliable service where you have delivered on your promises - on time, every time.”

Amongst its many other popular products, Embracing Nature's KinderPet Dog Nose Balm has quickly become a standout product as dog owners across the UK are raving about its effective treatment of sore, cracked noses.

Given its high demand and the looming risk of stock shortages, Adam needed to partner with a dependable, proactive, and fast-acting logistics provider to ensure timely delivery and availability to meet the needs of his customers.

Boasting an industry-leading success rate of over 95%, it's easy to see why PalletOnline has become the preferred choice for pallet delivery.

When discussing how PalletOnline has eased logistics hurdles or challenges, Adam said:

  1. “I cannot really say that we have experienced any hurdles since choosing PalletOnline. The tracking is very helpful for keeping me informed as to the status of the booking and location of the goods.

    The only thing I can recall is when I started I selected a half pallet option in error when I meant to select a full pallet, but I got in touch with the customer service team and they allowed me to pay the extra within minutes which resolved the problem.”

David Mollart, Head of Ecommerce for PalletOnline commented;

  1. "I can't help but beam with pride over our dedicated and proactive customer support team. Our customers' success drives ours, so hearing that Adam and his team at Embracing Nature Ltd value our efforts is incredibly gratifying. Feedback like this reinforces our commitment and reminds us of the impact we're making."
Fuelling Growth and Expansion

The collaboration with PalletOnline has had a tangible impact on Embracing Nature Ltd's operations and growth trajectory.

Adam has seen a dramatic shift in how he manages his inventory, thanks to our Premium pallet delivery service. With the convenience of same-day collection for orders placed before 11:45 am and speedy next-day delivery, Adam's products are always on the move, ensuring his e-commerce platforms rarely face the dreaded "out of stock" status.

  1. “I was considering just sticking to Amazon FBA and using a different delivery service, but since partnering with you it has made the process of sending stock to my fulfilment partner a breeze.”

This partnership goes beyond just expanding Adam's reach to new customers. It's about making sure his eco-conscious products, are always available, wherever and whenever they're needed.

  1. “Safe in the knowledge that I can rely on PalletOnline to deliver my palletised goods and my fulfilment partner to pack and post, it opens up additional retail channels for me to reach the end consumer - such as building my own eCommerce website.”

Through our partnership, Adam has not just found a logistics solution; he's discovered a way to keep his business growing, his stock flowing, and his customers smiling.

Looking to the Future

As Embracing Nature Ltd begins its next phase of growth and introduces even more innovative products like the soon-to-be-released eco-friendly Garden Rose Spray under the Natural Garden Solutions brand, the strategic partnership with PalletOnline takes on an even more pivotal role.

Our commitment to delivering Adam's products swiftly and reliably becomes crucial as he expands his product line and explores new markets.

Eager to find out how you could improve your logistics? Chat with us today to discover how PalletOnline can transform your supply chain and support your business' growth.