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Car Parts Delivery

Affordable Car Parts Courier

Are you looking for an affordable car parts courier? We have good news for you. We provide the best car parts delivery service within the UK and Europe. 

After you secure your car parts to a pallet, we can distribute them to your chosen destination. We deliver pallets to all regions of the UK and Ireland, and your car parts can easily be put onto pallets and shipped through our network. 

We aim to make it more affordable to send car parts with couriers like us, while offering a speedy same day collection service. Once you get your FREE pallet delivery quote through our website, you can then book your car parts delivery service to send car parts at courier prices that won't leave you out of pocket. 

If you are in need of a pallet, we can supply one for you. Please ensure that your car parts weigh no more than 25 kilograms per item, and we can then shrink wrap them to a pallet.

If your car parts weigh more than 25 kilograms (per item), they must be safely secured to your own pallet for transportation. Products such as glass or windows are also not suitable for pallet distribution and we will not accept them as part of our car parts delivery service. 

How Can I Prepare My Car Parts For Delivery? 

Before using our car parts delivery service, it is important that all car parts are fully drained of any fluids. This step is crucial to ensure all liquids are drained from the car parts, before securing them to a pallet for shipping. 

Doing this will not only ensure there are no spillages throughout transportation, but will also help to prevent the fluids from being flagged as toxic or harmful

If you do not properly drain all fluids from your car parts prior to delivery, a collection or delivery may even be refused. 

Adding an absorbent material to areas where there may be some remaining fluid can also be worth considering when preparing your parts for shipping.

Parts such as radiators, fluid reservoirs, fuel tanks, gearboxes and differentials may contain fluid. After you have drained your car parts of excess fluids, you can use our affordable car parts delivery service to ship them to the right place, at the right time. 

Shipping vehicle parts from one region to another is fast and simple with us.

Can I Buy And Sell Car Parts Online?

Our most common customer for our car parts courier service are eBay sellers. With our offerings, sellers can make the most of our order tracking system, which allows their own customers to track shipments to their postcode every time they send parts. 

Whether you are buying or selling, our pallet courier services allows us to ship car parts from region to region throughout the UK and Europe. 

We offer a speedy collection and delivery service for shipping car parts; our service is thorough and professional and we pride ourselves in always putting our customers first. 

If you are regularly selling car parts in the UK and Europe and require fast and secure pallet transportation, feel free to contact us.

What Car Parts Are Allowed? 

Any parts that are able to easily fit on one or two pallet spaces are typically suitable for delivery, i.e. bonnets, boots, tailgates, bumpers, doors, engines drained of fluids, exhausts, gearboxes drained of fluids, seats, tyres and even alloy wheels. 

These are all examples of car parts that are shipped through our delivery network regularly. However, if you are unsure as to what car parts you can ship through our network or you wish to ship a part that we have not mentioned above, then feel free to query this with us. 

How Should I Prepare Doors And Body Panels? 

Protecting any car doors and body panels when sending them on a pallet is vital. The way you package your items is crucial when aiming to avoid damaging them during transportation. 

Please ensure all your car parts are protected as best you can prior to collection, however keep in mind that bubble wrap alone is not sufficient enough to fully reinforce car parts that can become easily damaged. 

Before attempting to deliver any body work items through our pallet network, please make sure they are very well packaged. Insurance is calculated based on weight rather than value of goods, therefore we advise ensuring your pallet is wrapped properly and your car parts are packaged and meet our requirements. 

In the unlikely event of damage to your shipment, we would base your claim on how much your car parts weigh. However, to prevent your goods from becoming damaged in transit, you must ensure they meet all requirements and are packaged as well as they possibly can be. 

If you have any questions about our pallet delivery options and services, please contact us via Live Chat for an immediate response or call us directly. 

Reliable Euro pallet delivery services.

We can make a delivery to any of the following locations...

BE Belgium
FR France
DE Germany
NL Holland
IE Ireland
IT Italy
PL Poland
PT Portugal
ES Spain


Delivered my engine without any problems. I drained all fluids first, was a simple process. Thanks.


Very impressed with how easy the online system is!


Very good website and good price. Thank you.


Pallet arrived as promised on time with no damage. I definitely will use your service next time. Many Thanks.


Used the service for quite a few years now. I've received top notch support when required and very happy with the pricing and reliability.


Great service and really easy to use.