Pallet Calculator

Save time and hassle by using our shiny, new pallet calculator!

Multiple Same Size Items

If you're shipping a pallet of the same sized boxes or cartons, all you need to do is enter the dimensions and weight of just one of your boxes, then tell us the number of boxes you're wanting to ship. Our pallet calculator will then generate the exact dimensions of the fully loaded pallet(s), and will suggest which service you need to book. It's just that easy!

Single Bulky Items

You can also use our pallet size calculator if you're shipping a single, bulky or oddly shaped item to find out what size pallet you will need to book. Simply place the item in the position it will be when on the pallet, then enter the measurements of your item at the widest possible points to get the most accurate calculation possible.

Item Size

{{package.width}} x {{package.length}} x {{package.height}}{{package.size_unit}}

Item Weight


Quanity of Items


The dimensions or weight you entered exceeds our limits. Please check that the details are correct, or refer to our size guide below.
{{item.pallet.toUpperCase()}} PALLET

By stacking your items {{item.actual.width}} across, {{item.actual.length}} deep and {{item.actual.height}} high on each pallet, you would be able to fit {{item.actual.max | formatNumber}} items per pallet.

You would need to book {{item.actual.qty | formatNumber}} {{item.pallet}} pallet spaces for your goods to be transported.

What is an 'item'?

An Item is simply whatever you will be placing/stacking on your pallet - whether that's a box, a carton, or an unboxed product - all of these classify as an 'item'.

How do I use the calculator?

  1. Enter the dimensions (width, length and height) in mm of just one of your items
  2. Enter the weight in kg of just one of your items
  3. Tell us how many items you'd like to ship
  4. Tick the box if you're sending your pallets to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre
  5. Click 'Calculate', and voila! Our system will tell you how to stack your boxes, and exactly how many pallets you will need to book. It's as easy as that!

I have many different sized items going onto my pallet(s) - how do I calculate?

Unfortunately, our calculator is only able to calculate how many pallets you will need if you are shipping items which are all the same size, or you're shipping a single, bulky, or oddly-shaped item.

At the moment, our calculator is not quite advanced enough to calculate complex loads.

In this case, we'd recommend stacking the pallet up and referring to our Pallet Size Guide, then taking measurements of your fully loaded pallet.

What is the maximum height per pallet?

The maximum height for goods travelling through the Palletline network is 2.2 metres, which is also the height limit of each standard full and oversized pallet. This limit is capped at 60 centimetres for a quarter pallet and 100 centimetres for a half pallet. Your items must not exceed the height limits in place.

Why can't I see an option to send an oversized pallet to Amazon?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to book an oversized pallet delivery to any Amazon Fulfilment Centre. This is because Amazon have different size restrictions to standard. You can view Amazon's maximum pallet dimensions on our Amazon Help Page.

Pallet Size Guide

Find out which service you need to book by comparing the weight and measurements of your fully loaded pallet to our handy guide below.

Quarter Pallet Quarter Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 1.2m (120cm) x 1.0m (100cm) Height: 0.6m (60cm) Max Weight: 250kg
Half Pallet Half Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 1.2m (120cm) x 1.0m (100cm) Height: 1.0m (100cm) Max Weight: 500kg
Full Pallet Full Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 1.2m (120cm) x 1.0m (100cm) Height: 2.2m (220cm) Max Weight: 1,200kg
Oversized Pallet Oversized Pallet Size - Pallet Delivery 2.4m (240cm) x 1.0m (100cm) Height: 2.2m (220cm) Max Weight: 1,200kg