Are You a Member of the Road Haulage Association?

We follow the Road Haulage Association's Terms and Conditions for all our transactions, keeping things official but straightforward.

When it comes to UK road shipments, our liability is in line with RHA regulations, which caps it at £5 per kilogram.

Feel free to ask for a copy of the official Road Haulage Association Terms and Conditions. It's a good idea to have them on hand when you're setting up a pallet delivery with PalletOnline.

This way, you'll know exactly what you're covered for in case things take a turn for the worse.


What Items Are Not Covered By Insurance? 

Just like many other insurance agreements, we regret to inform you that we cannot offer coverage for specific product shipments.

These items encompass various types of glass, personal belongings, bullion, cash, firearms, offensive materials, and similar articles.

If you're planning to arrange the collection or delivery of any of the above items, please be aware that you'll be assuming full responsibility for them.

In the event of damage or loss during transit, you won't be eligible to file an insurance claim.

We strongly recommend seeking alternative transportation methods for glass, personal belongings, bullion, and cash to ensure their safety and prevent any potential loss or damage.


What You Need To Know About Your Insurance

In accordance with the Road Haulage Association Terms and Conditions, we must stress that we do not insure our customers for consequential loss.

In the event of our business or delivery vehicles becoming significantly damaged (at no fault of our own), we would be under no obligation to insure our customers for loss of or damage to their goods. 

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