What Are the Pallet Packing Requirements?

When planning a pallet delivery, you must ensure all your items are packed and wrapped properly. 

This means following our packing and wrapping guidelines to prevent any delays or problems.

Boxes MUST be stacked properly

Any boxed items must be stacked evenly; this means ensuring they are all aligned neatly and that there’s a level surface in case other pallets can be stacked on top. 

If you need advice on how to stack boxes on pallets, you're welcome to send us a message on Live Chat; We’ll do our best to explain this in detail. 

Items MUST NOT overhang

All items must not overhang their pallet, not even by a few centimetres. 

Items that are too big for a standard full pallet will need to be booked as oversized pallets; You can always check this with us if you are unsure. 

If there is overhang, the driver will refuse to take your goods.

You will also be charged for a second collection attempt assuming you purchase additional pallet spaces.

Keep everything laid flat

You must lay everything flat on the pallet. 

If you are shipping loose items, these will need to be secured with ratchet straps or rope for additional protection.

Laying your goods flat will ensure they are fully protected and do not move in transit. 

Apply plenty of shrink wrap 

Shrink wrapping your pallet is crucial when trying to prevent items from falling, coming loose, or becoming damaged in transit. 

Shrink wrap will hold everything in place, offering added protection and peace of mind.

Attach your PalletOnline labels

You must print and attach your PalletOnline labels as soon as your booking is placed.

Please also check that the correct details are displayed on your labels. 

This includes making sure the label displays the correct details and that it is clear enough to be read easily.

For more information regarding packing requirements, please send us a message through Live Chat

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