Pallet Packing Guide for Efficient Delivery

A quick guide to ensure you're ready for a pallet collection.

Stack Boxes Evenly

Ensure your boxes are aligned neatly for a stable, flat top. This is crucial for a stable load. Need help? Chat with us!

Avoid Overhang

Items should not extend beyond the pallet's edges. For oversized items, please book an oversized pallet. Contact us if unsure. Remember, overhanging items will incur additional charges if extending beyond the book pallet space dimensions.

Solid Ground Placement

Ensure all pallets are placed on solid, stable ground for safe loading and unloading. Gravel and grass are not suitable ground for pallet trucks to operate safely.

Self Palletising

If you haven't opted for our pallet and wrap service, make sure your goods are securely palletised before collection.

Lay Items Flat

Place all items flatly on the pallet. For non-boxed items, secure them with ratchet straps or sturdy rope.

Use Shrink Wrap

Apply shrink wrap liberally for added protection and to keep items from shifting or getting damaged in transit.

Attach PalletOnline Labels

Print and attach your labels post-booking. Double-check for accuracy.

Ensure Access for Large Trucks

Your location must have suitable access for large trucks. Please inform us immediately if there are any access issues to avoid wasted collection fees and ensure we send the appropriate vehicle.

Fluid Drainage Requirement

Before transporting engines, machinery, or similar items, it's crucial to drain all fluids completely. Leaking fuel or other liquids can cause significant cleanup expenses and delay or stop the transportation process. Ensure your items are properly prepared to avoid these issues.


For more guidance or if in doubt, reach out via our Live Chat. We're here to make your pallet delivery hassle-free!

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