What Are Limited Quantities

How to Safely Ship Hazardous Goods.

When it comes to shipping hazardous or dangerous goods, it's super important to stick to the rules about limited quantities.

You can ship goods in limited quantities as long as you meet certain rules and don't go over specific size limits.

In this article, we'll hook you up with the must-know guidelines to make sure your goods make the cut as limited-quantity shipments and can hit the road safely.


Size Limitations

Limited Quantity shipments must not exceed the following size limits:

  • Liquids: Maximum 5 litres
  • Solids: Maximum 6 kilograms

It's important to remember that any shipment exceeding these size limits won't be considered a limited quantity and may be rejected.

Inner Packaging

The inner packaging that comes into direct contact with the hazardous product needs to be appropriate for its intended purpose.

Although UN approval isn't a strict requirement for the inner packaging, it's essential to ensure it's sturdy and leak-proof to avoid any potential spills or leaks during transit.


Outer Packaging

You'll want to make sure that the inner packaging goes inside an outer container, like a box, to give your items an extra layer of protection.

To keep delicate packages safe, it's crucial to use enough packing material, such as cushioning or absorbent pads, to reduce the chances of any damage.


Closure and Sealing

Make sure that the outer package is tightly sealed to avoid any unexpected openings while it's being shipped.

Seal the package in a manner that ensures it stays intact throughout the entire shipping journey.


Limited Quantity Symbol

The outer packaging must prominently display the "LQ" diamond symbol, which indicates that the shipment is classified as a limited quantity.

Make sure the symbol is clearly visible and easily identifiable on the package.

If the limited quantity symbol isn't clearly visible due to packaging materials like stretch or shrink wrap, attach additional symbols to ensure proper identification.

LQ Values

Hazardous goods are assigned LQ values ranging from LQ0 to LQ28. These values are published in the ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

Each UN number in the ADR table of UN numbers (column 7) corresponds to a specific LQ number, determining the maximum allowable quantity for limited-quantity shipments.


It is essential to strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined above. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in shipment rejection.

If the limited quantities symbol isn't present on the outer packaging, the shipment cannot be sent as a limited quantity and may not be accepted for transport.


Shipping hazardous goods as limited quantities requires compliance with specific guidelines to ensure the safety of transport.

By adhering to size limitations, using appropriate inner and outer packaging, ensuring proper closure and sealing, and displaying the LQ symbol correctly, you can confidently ship your hazardous goods as limited quantities.

Remember to always consult relevant regulations and seek expert advice when shipping dangerous goods to guarantee compliance and safe transport.

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