What are the pallet sizes allowed?

Our pallet delivery service is based on standard UK pallet sizes. Quarter, half and full pallet sizes are listed below.

  • Full Pallet Size
    Length: 120cm (1.2m)
    Width: 100cm (1m)
    Height: 220cm (2.2m)
    Max Weight: 1,200kg
  • Half Pallet Size
    Length: 120cm (1.2m)
    Width: 100cm (1m)
    Height: 100cm (1m)
    Max Weight: 500kg
  • Quarter Pallet Size
    Length: 120cm (1.2m)
    Width: 100cm (1m)
    Height: 60cm (0.6m)
    Max Weight: 250kg

Can I send a Euro pallet?

Yes, absolutely you can send a Euro pallet through our pallet delivery service. The sizes given above are a maximum size rather than an actual size. Just book your pallet collection and delivery in based on the height and weight of your goods.

What if my goods exceed the weight or height allowed?

If your pallet weight or height allowed

Can I send oversized goods?

Our service is based on pallet spaces rather than actual pallets. Sending an oversized pallet booking should not be a problem. You just need to book the amount of pallet spaces required. For example if your goods are 2m x 1m you will need 2 full pallet spaces. If your palletised goods are a size such as 2.4m x 1.2m you would need to book 4 full pallet spaces. The maximum width or length we can cater for is 3 metres.

How do you get the goods onto the vehicle?

You can add a tail lift for collection and delivery when in the checkout. This will allow us to lift the goods onto the vehicle for you. The maximum weight for a tail lift is 750kg. If your pallet weighs between 750kg and 1,000kg you can book a lift assist. Goods over 1,000kg will require a forklift truck onsite for both collection and delivery points.

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