What Are the Pallet Sizes Allowed?

Our highly regarded services are based on UK standard pallets, including; quarter, half, full and oversized pallets. 

If you are struggling to find the right pallet size, please take a look at our pallet size guide.

This shows the maximum dimensions allowed for each standard size (UK)

Please read the information carefully prior to booking your pallet delivery...

pallet size guide

Can I send a Euro pallet? 

If you wish to use a Euro pallet for your pallet delivery, by all means, you can do this; All we ask is that you look at our pallet size guide before booking. 

As long as your Euro pallet DOES NOT exceed the maximum dimensions, you can use this to ship your goods with PalletOnline.

The sizes shown on the pallet size guide are the maximum measurements allowed through the Palletline network. 

If you have any questions about pallet sizes or sending Euro pallets, please get in touch through Live Chat and we’ll be happy to help! 

What if my goods exceed the maximum dimensions? 

When loaded to your pallet, if the goods exceed the maximum dimensions of a standard pallet, you will need to book additional pallet spaces (an oversized pallet). 

Oversized pallets are 2.4m x 1m with a maximum height of 2.2 metres.

Please note that tail lifts, lift assists and the Pallet and Wrap service is NOT available with oversized pallets as per the network terms. 

If your goods are within 2m x 1m, you can book two full single pallet spaces and our tail lift and lift assist options will be available again to you. 

Also, the maximum width for the pump truck (with the tail lift) and lift assist is 2 metres; For any items over this limit, you would need a forklift for safe handling. 

You can always send us a Live Chat message to check if you have selected the correct pallet size before placing your order!

How do you lift the pallets onto the delivery vehicle?

After selecting the collection and delivery date, you can choose to add a tail lift to your basket before going through to make payment.

This ensures our driver can lift the goods onto the vehicle for you and you can leave the heavy stuff to us! 

Collection and delivery tail lifts are a free of charge service, but goods should weigh no more than 750kg. 

If your goods weigh more than 750kg but less than 1,000kg, you would need to upgrade to a lift assist to ensure the safety of you, our driver and your pallets. 

Then, if your goods exceed 1,000kg, a forklift will be required at both the collection and delivery point.

You will need to provide this yourself as we do not offer forklift hire. 

For more advice on pallet sizes at PalletOnline, please send us a message on Live Chat and we’ll be happy to help you! 

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