Can You Ship Batteries?

As long as your batteries meet the below criteria, they aren't classed as dangerous goods, and can be transported through the network without limitations:

  • They are secure and cannot slip, fall or be damaged
  • They are provided with carrying devices, unless they are suitably stacked on a pallet
  • There are no signs of leakage, or traces of alkalis or acid on the outside
  • They are well-protected against short circuits
  • Their cases are not damaged

There is a range of UN numbers for batteries depending on what the electrolyte is:

  • UN2794 Batteries, wet, filled with acid 
  • UN2795 Batteries, wet, filled with alkali 
  • UN2800 Batteries, wet, non-spillable 
  • UN3028 Batteries, dry, containing potassium hydroxide solid  
  • UN3292 Batteries, containing sodium 

Lithium-Ion batteries are not allowed to travel through the network and will be rejected.

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