How Can You Prevent Damaged Pallets?

When you're using a pallet courier service, it's important to take every possible measure to make sure your pallets arrive in perfect condition.

Pallets play a crucial role in safeguarding your goods during transportation, so it's essential to familiarise yourself with the most effective methods for preventing any damage.


Do you need a pallet truck?

Trying to lift something too heavy can lead to unfortunate mishaps.

If your pallets seem too weighty for a manual lift, it might be a smart move to consider getting yourself a pallet truck.

Alternatively, if you don't have one of your own, no worries. Just choose the 'tail-lift' option during checkout, and we'll arrange for our driver to show up with a pallet truck in tow.

Once we're there, we'll gladly help you load up the pallet truck and transfer your items onto the trailer, all set for their journey ahead.


Check how the pallet was previously stored

When storing pallets, it's a good idea to keep them flat to avoid any potential breakage issues.

If you've chosen pallets from a reputable manufacturer, this shouldn't really be a worry.

However, if you've acquired pallets second-hand, it's a good practice to inquire about their prior storage conditions, such as whether they were kept indoors or outdoors, before thinking about using them for your pallet delivery.

Remember, thoroughly inspecting pallets for any signs of damage is a must to ensure a safe transit.


Never overload a pallet

It's really important not to overload your pallet. If you put too much weight on it, there's a good chance it'll break even before it gets out of the collection point.

Standard pallets all have their own weight limits. For top-tier grade 1 pallets, you're looking at a maximum of 1,000kg.

Grade 2 pallets can handle up to 750kg, and for grade 3, it ranges from 200 to 500kg.

The easiest way to make sure you're within the limit is to identify your pallet size, whether it's a full, half, or quarter pallet, and then find the maximum weight recommendation for that specific size.


Select the right pallet size

It's vital that you reach out if you're not sure about pallet sizes and which one would be the best fit for your needs.

If you hop into our Live Chat, our team will gladly assist you in figuring out the right pallet size for the items you plan to ship.

This step is crucial to make sure your items stay securely on the pallet without any overhang and to keep the pallet itself from getting damaged.


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