Collection of Pallets

  1. When are your pallet collection dates?
  2. Are there any pallet collection restrictions?
  3. What are the usual pallet collection times?
  4. What are pallet trucks and tail lifts?
  5. Can I book a fork-lift truck for collection?
  6. What happens in the event of a failed collection?
  7. What is the Pallet and Wrap service?
  8. Can I track my order with PalletOnline?
  9. Can you collect my pallets today?
  10. Do you collect on weekends?
  11. What is the cut off time for same day collection?
  12. Why would the driver refuse to take my pallet?

How Does Pallet Collection Work?

When arranging a collection for your palletised freight, you should first make sure you are happy with the rate you are quoted through our website.

At this point, you will be taken through the checkout process where you will then select the size of pallet that our driver will be collecting from your address.

Once you have selected the correct pallet size and your details are entered into our system, you will then agree to a collection date and checkout securely.

One of our drivers will then be assigned to collect your items on that date and will usually call when they are nearby to give you as much warning as possible of their arrival.

Can You Collect Oversized Pallets?

It is indeed possible for us to collect oversized pallets. However, for our drivers to be able to do this with no issues we will need as much warning as possible.

We ask that you make us aware of your oversized pallet by attaching a booking note to your order before completing the checkout process.

You will also need to ensure there is a forklift available onsite for the date of collection to assist with loading your freight to the delivery vehicle.

Should Someone Be Onsite For Collection?

For every collection of freight, we advise ensuring that there is somebody onsite and available to help and assist our driver with the handling of your goods.

If you fail to make sure there is someone onsite at the time of delivery, despite our driver calling in advance, you will face additional charges to rearrange the pallet collection.

How Long Do Collections Take?

Just like many other pallet distribution companies, our drivers have a strict time frame of fifteen minutes to pick your pallet up and head to their next customer.

Please try to avoid delaying our drivers with their collection of freight by ensuring that you are ready and waiting for them at the collection point.

What Happens If I Miss My Collection?

Like most other pallet distribution companies, if you miss a collection with us then you will face an additional fee to book another collection date.

You can book another pallet collection by contacting us directly and immediately after your first failed collection attempt.

We would ask that you try your best to avoid a missed collection at all costs.

By missing your collection, our driver may fall behind schedule and this may cause frustration for other customers who are yet to have their freight collected by us.