Can I Book a Fork-Lift Truck for Collection?

If your goods weigh more than 1,000kgs, a forklift will be required on BOTH ends of the delivery. 

You must arrange a forklift yourself as this is not a service that we provide. 

There are no exceptions to this rule; It is highly dangerous to lift an overweight item with the wrong equipment. 

Why do some collections require a forklift? 

When goods weigh more than 1,000kgs, they are considered dangerous to move without a forklift. 

Attempting to move items over 1,000kgs with a tail lift or lift assist will result in damaging your pallets and our equipment, therefore it is simply not worth the risk. 

To ensure the safety of yourself and your goods, you MUST arrange a forklift at both sites if your goods are heavier than 1,000kgs in total. 

Do you offer forklifts? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer forklifts - this is not a service that we provide.  

However, if your goods are between 750kgs and 1,000kgs, we do offer a lift assist service that will allow us to move everything safely for you. 

For anything less than 750kgs, we offer a tail lift service free of charge. 

What are the pallet weight limits? 

Whether or not you book a tail lift, lift assist or arrange a forklift, there are weight limits in place for ALL pallet sizes. 

Please see below or refer to our pallet size guide

  • - Quarter Pallet: max. weight limit of 250kgs.
  • - Half Pallet: max. weight limit of 500kgs. 
  • - Full Pallet: max. weight limit of 1,200kgs. 
  • - Oversized Pallet: max. weight limit of 1,200kgs.

Please make sure you select the correct pallet size before booking your delivery. 

How to book your collection

Booking your pallet collection is easy and takes just a few minutes! 

All you need to do is head over to our home page and complete our simple pallet quote form; We’ll then provide you with an instant price.

You can add any extras to your basket before completing your order, too! 

For help booking your pallet collection, simply send us a message on Live Chat

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