What Are Pallet Trucks and Tail Lifts?

Pallet trucks are included as a complimentary feature when you schedule a tail lift service for your goods with PalletOnline.

Our friendly drivers will arrive equipped with a motorised pallet truck to assist in effortlessly handling your pallets.


Why do you use pallet trucks? 

If your items are too hefty or awkward to handle manually, no worries! You can opt for a pallet truck to safely transport them to your pickup or delivery spot.

All you have to do is include a tail lift when placing your order, and our driver will show up with a motorised pallet truck capable of handling loads up to 750 kilograms.

If your load falls between 750kgs and 1,000kgs, we can provide lift assistance for a small additional charge. However, for anything exceeding 1,000kgs, you'll need to arrange for a forklift.


Should I book a tail lift for collection? 

If you've got stuff that's a bit too heavy to handle on your own, don't worry! You can easily request a tail lift at checkout, and we'll make sure our driver arrives with a pallet truck when they show up.

Just a heads up, though – we can't use equipment on grass or gravel surfaces. So, make sure you've got a nice, flat, solid area ready for us when we come to pick up your items.

We like to keep things running smoothly, and having a sturdy surface to work on helps us do just that. 


Are tail lifts and pallet trucks always available? 

The only situation where a tail lift might not be an option is if you're located in a remote or tricky-to-reach spot.

If your location is accessible only by van, you'll need to handle the loading of your goods onto the vehicle.

Please avoid trying to lift heavy items by yourself.

Our drivers are more than willing to lend a hand with loading your pallets.


What if I forget to book a tail lift? 

Don't worry if you happen to forget to book a tail lift – you can easily include it in your order later!

If you know you may need some assistance with your pallets, just shoot us a message via Live Chat, and we'll gladly tack it onto your booking.

There's no extra cost for the tail lift service and pallet truck.

We only request that you give us a heads-up with ample notice, as we'll need to arrange a vehicle equipped with a tail lift ahead of your collection day.

If you need any more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us via Live Chat!

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