What are the usual pallet collection times?

Our delivery drivers usually complete their pallet collections between 9am and 5pm. We would ask that you allow the full time slot for your pallet collection

Should there be an issue at any stage of the collection, we are available via phone or through our website live chat and would be more than happy to help with any issues, concerns or queries you might have. 

Why Do Collections Happen Later In The Day? 

Our distribution network operates in a way that allows our drivers to deliver all their pallets before completing their collections, and returning to our depot. Rather than our drivers returning to our depot empty-handed, they find it easier to complete their pallet collections during their journey back. 

Please be aware that due to the delivery run taking place first, it can be common for collections to run up to 5pm. If your goods are not collected by 4pm on your collection day, rest assured that this is completely normal. 

The PalletOnline ‘deliver fast and collect after’ system means that collections later in the day are a standard time for our drivers. As you can understand, this also applies to same day collection bookings.

Can You Collect Pallets Any Earlier? 

As long as your order was placed prior to your collection date, it is possible that your collection may take place earlier in the day. Our pallet courier service operating times during weekdays are between 9am and 5pm. 

The time our driver collects your goods depends on the route they take to get to your site, therefore we cannot provide a more precise time for your pallet collection.

While you wait for your goods to be collected, we ask that you please remain patient and keep in mind that delays can occur if our driver is stuck in traffic during their journey to your site. If our driver is also held up on pallet deliveries, this may also cause a small delay to your collection. 

How Long Do Pallet Collections Take? 

Upon booking your pallet collection, if you selected our pallet and wrap service, your collection may take slightly longer than usual. This is because our driver will need more time to complete all the necessary paperwork before loading your goods onto the delivery vehicle, as well as securing them to a pallet and wrapping them for you beforehand. 

In normal circumstances, we allow roughly 15 minutes for our drivers to complete each collection. 

Do I Need To Be Onsite For Collection? 

We would definitely recommend having someone onsite and available for the collection of your goods. If there is nobody present and you fail to make us aware of this, our driver will be forced to return back to our depot without your goods and a recollection will need to be booked. Please keep in mind that charges may apply. 

Should you be unable to ensure that someone is onsite for the collection, we would ask that you make us aware of this at your earliest convenience. We would also need your goods to be placed in an outdoor location that we can easily access, and for your goods to be clearly labelled prior to collection. 

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