What are the usual pallet collection times?

Pallet collections will be between 9am and 5pm. Please allow for the full time allowance for collection. We are available via phone and live chat during and afterwards if there is an issue. Our collection days are Monday to Friday, except bank holidays.

Why are pallet collections later in the day?

Collections are usually carried out after pallet deliveries are done. This is how our distribution network operates throughout the country. The delivery vehicle will go out with a full load of deliveries. Rather than returning to the depot empty, the driver will collect goods upon returning back.

Due to the collection run being done last, it's quite common for collections to run up to 5pm. Please do not be alarmed if your goods have not been collected by 4pm, this is completely normal. Our deliver first and collect after system makes this a standard time for collections. This is particularly true for same day collections.

Can collections be earlier?

Yes, if your collection was not booked for the same day of the booking collection can be earlier. Operating times for our pallet courier service is from 9am to 5pm during weekdays.

We often cannot provide a specific time for the collection as it will be dependant on the drivers route. We ask that you remain patient during your wait for collection. Delays can occur when a driver is out in traffic. Delays can also happen if the collection driver is held up on a booking.

How long will the collection take?

Our drivers are given a 15 minute time slot for each collection. This includes loading the goods and paperwork. The only time this will be extended is if you have booked a pallet and wrap service.

Do I have to be onsite for collection?

Yes, it's essential there is someone onsite and contactable for collections. Failing to be available for a collection can result in a failed collection and charges may apply for a recollection.

If it's impossible for someone to be onsite, we ask that you make it very clear to us that no one is on site. We will then require your goods to be in an easily accessible location outside and clearly labelled ready for collection.

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