What Are the Usual Pallet Collection Times?

Collections are completed between 9am and 5pm. They can be earlier in the day, but for the most part goods are collected later in the day. Deliveries are usually done first by your local depot. If you book a same day collection it will be collected between 12pm to 5pm. Please note that collections often run up to 5pm.

    We are NOT able to provide estimatated time of arrivals for collections. If you wish to contact us about a collection time, please wait until at least 4pm on the day of collection.

Why do collections happen later in the day? 

Our network operates in a way that allows our drivers to complete all deliveries before moving on to their collections and returning to the depot; They find it much easier to complete their pallet collection during their journey back. 

Please note that with deliveries taking place first, collections can run up to 5pm. So, if your goods are not collected by 4pm on your collection day, this is completely normal. 

At PalletOnline, we have a ‘deliver fast and collect after’ system, meaning collections later in the day are a standard time for our drivers - this also applies to same day collections. 

Can you collect pallets any earlier? 

If you have booked an earlier collection time, your goods will be collected earlier in the day. Otherwise, our standard service operating times are between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. 

Normally, the time it takes for our drivers to collect your goods depends on the route they take to get to your site. For this reason, we cannot offer a collection ETA. 

While you wait for collection, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding; Occasionally, delays may happen if our driver is held up in traffic or at their last collection. 

How long do pallet collections take? 

Our drivers have a 15 minute window to complete each collection. This time limit is in place to ensure that all collections and in the schedule are completed on time

For this reason, it is crucial that you have your goods ready and waiting to be collected so the driver can collect on time and complete all the paperwork ready to the depot. 

Do I need to be onsite for collection? 

You should have AT LEAST one onsite contact for collection, but if there will be nobody present on the day, you MUST make us aware of this right away. 

Before placing your order, let us know in the booking notes where you will leave your goods for collection.

Please note that if you leave your goods unattended in a public area, you do so at your own risk - we cannot cover consequential loss as per our Terms and Conditions.

You can also request a signed collection note from our driver so you know that your goods are safe with us, on their way back to the depot. 

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