Re-Collection Costs

A re-collection charge may need to be applied if there is an issue with a collection that could have potentially been avoided.

Once a space on a collection vehicle is assigned, a charge is applied by the collection depot for that space. If the space is not filled on route due to an issue at the collection point, a small charge will need to be applied.

Potential Issues with Collections

  • Goods were not ready to be collected.
  • Collection pointed refused to allow goods to be collected.
  • No onsite contact available via phone or at location within 15 minutes of arrival.
  • Access issues to collection location that were not noted in the original booking.

Cost of a UK and Ireland Re-Collection

  • All collections up to 10 pallets for the UK and Ireland cost just £20 (+VAT) to be assigned a new collection space on a vehicle the following working day.
  • For over 10 pallets prices may vary.

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