What Is the Cut Off Time for Same Day Collection?

To secure a same-day collection, just remember to make your booking before 11:45 am. We've got you covered for up to 3 pallets on the same day, but if you're booking more than that, we'll have to roll it over to the next working day.


What do I need to know before collection? 

We can't pick up from spots where it's against the law for our drivers to park their vehicles. Our collections happen right at the curb, so make sure there's a solid and flat surface for parking and loading.

The driver needs straightforward access to your premesis, with no obstacles in the way, like parked cars.


What time is my collection?

Our collection times are typically from 9 am to 5 pm. Sadly, the depots don't provide us with estimated arrival times for collections.

Usually, collections take place in the afternoon after the driver has completed their deliveries.

We do request our drivers to give a heads-up by calling up to 30 minutes before they arrive for a collection. However, please note that this call or notification is not guaranteed since not all drivers have the capability to make outbound calls from their vehicles.

Feel free to reach out to us via Live Chat starting from 4 pm onwards if you'd like to inquire about an estimated time of arrival (ETA).


Can you collect on weekends?

Our drivers are available for pickups on weekdays only, and we currently do not offer collection services on weekends.

Please note that our system does not allow the selection of weekend or bank holiday dates for collections.

If you make a booking over the weekend, our team will arrange for the pickup on the following business day.

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