What is the cut off time for same day collection?

Please book pallet collections before 11.30am on weekdays for a same day collection service.

We can collect a maximum of three pallets on the day. Any bookings over three pallets will be moved to a next day collection.

What Do I Need To Know Before Collection

For obvious reasons, we are unable to collect your goods from locations where it is illegal for our vehicles to park or load. We also require a surface which is stable for parking and loading. 

This is commonplace for all UK pallet collection and delivery services. If the surface is easily accessible, our delivery vehicles can then provide the relevant service with ease.

If you are unsure about your delivery ground, you can also contact us beforehand. We would love to help and you can either use the below form or contact us on live chat for an immediate response during business hours.

What Can I Send On A Pallet?

There are a multitude of items that you can send on a pallet. The likes of household goods, building materials and car parts are all suitable for palletised deliveries across the UK and Ireland.

You can also items such as furniture, tiles, kitchen equipment and much more. If you have any queries about an item that you are unsure about, please get in touch with us below.

What Time Will My Collection Be?

Providing that you have ordered no later than 11:30am on a week day, your collection will be made by one of our drivers later in the day.

Our drivers will usually make deliveries earlier in the day, before making their collections at the end of the day, on the way back to the depot.

This means that collections can be made late in the afternoon, and we would advise that you wait for your the end of your colelction time before contacting our team.

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