What Is the Cut Off Time for Same Day Collection?

Same day collections must be booked by 11:30am, Monday - Friday. 

Please note, we can only collect up to 3 pallets for same day bookings.

Any bookings over 3 pallets will be moved to collect the following working day. 

What do I need to know before collection? 

Please note that we cannot collect from locations where it is illegal for our drivers to park their vehicles; All collections are done kerbside. 

There must also be a suitable and stable surface for parking and loading, excluding grass or gravel. 

The driver must be able to access the premises easily and with absolutely no obstructions, including parked cars.

What time is my collection?

All collections are between 9am and 5pm. Unfortunately, depots do not provide us with an estimated time of arrival for collections. 

Usually, collections happen in the afternoon once the driver has made all of their deliveries.

We do ask our drivers to call up to 30 minutes before they arrive to collect, but unfortunately, this is not a guaranteed call/notification as not all drivers can make outbound calls from their cabin.

You’re welcome to contact us on Live Chat for an ETA from 4pm onwards. 


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