What Is the Pallet and Wrap Service?

To ensure your items make it to their destination without a hitch, it's super important that everything gets securely fastened to a pallet and wrapped up before we swing by for collection.

As long as you're not sending your goods over to Amazon and you can give us a heads-up 24 hours ahead of time, you're all set to book our Pallet and Wrap service.

We don't offer Pallet & Wrap on our same-day collection service, so you won't be able to select the option if you're getting your goods collected on the same day.

Also, keep in mind that Pallet and Wrap is only available for specific regions.

How does Pallet and Wrap work? 

When our driver comes to collect your goods, they'll handle the heavy lifting for you by loading your items onto a pallet. Typically, this happens right at your pickup spot, but if our driver's in a hurry, they might do it at our depot.

Just keep in mind that each item needs to be 25kg or less for us to palletise it. Our driver will come prepared with industrial shrink wrap and a trusty pallet.

You can book our Pallet and Wrap service for up to 3 single pallets. If your items don't meet these requirements, you'll need to palletise them yourself before our driver arrives.

Once we've collected your pallet, we'll slap a label on it at our depot.

To secure our Pallet and Wrap service, make sure you book it by 4:30 PM on the previous working day. Unfortunately, we can't make any exceptions on the timing.

How much does a Pallet and Wrap cost? 

You can book our Pallet and Wrap services for just £25 +VAT, and that'll take care of up to 3 single pallets. It's a breeze to add this to your cart before you finalise your order with us.

If you need any extra guidance, don't hesitate to shoot us a message on Live Chat.

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