Are There Any Pallet Collection Restrictions?

Many pallet delivery companies have specific rules for collecting pallets to make sure everything goes smoothly on your pickup day.

Before scheduling your pallet collection, please take a moment to review the following information.


What can I send on a pallet?

Surprisingly, there's quite a large range of items that are suitable for pallet shipping, but it's easier to highlight what you shouldn't send on a pallet.

To ensure the safety of our network and staff, we maintain a list of prohibited items. These include personal belongings, currency, firearms, offensive materials, and perishable foods, among others.

If your items don't appear on our comprehensive list of prohibited goods, you're good to go for pallet shipping with us!

For added peace of mind, don't hesitate to reach out to us via Live Chat. We'll gladly assist you in determining whether your items are suitable for shipment through the Palletline network.


What you need to know before collection… 

For smooth operations, it's essential that collections are carried out on level ground, like concrete. Surfaces such as soil, gravel, or grass aren't suitable, and our drivers won't be able to use their equipment.

Our collections are kerbside, but we want to keep things legal, so please ensure there's ample space for the delivery vehicle to park.

Our drivers also aren't able to go inside buildings. They've got a tight schedule, with 15 minutes to collect your items, so make sure everything is ready for them at the collection point.


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