What Goods Are Unsuitable for Pallet Delivery?

If your goods are not listed as unsuitable but you think they may be hazardous, please query with us on Live Chat for more details. 

We'd be happy to check our network restrictions and confirm this for you. 

What are unsuitable goods? 

Some examples of unsuitable goods include:

  • - Antiques
  • - Glass
  • - Personal Belongings
  • - Fire extinguishers
  • - Jewellery
  • - Cash
  • - Narcotics
  • - Televisions
  • - Vouchers
  • - Perishable goods
  • - Precious metals, stones and other valuables

full list of unsuitable goods is available in our Terms and Conditions. 

What are oversized goods? 

Oversized goods are items that would otherwise not fit the dimensions of a standard pallet. These require additional pallet spaces. 

Please make sure you have checked your measurements against our pallet size guide before booking. 

Oversized pallets are 2.4m x 1m with a maximum height of 2.2 metres.

If your goods exceed those measurements, you will need to book additional pallet spaces. 

But if your items exceed the maximum dimensions of an oversized pallet, unfortunately we will not be able to ship them through the network on this occasion. 

In this case, you would need to source an alternative means of transport. 

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