Does Someone Have to Be Onsite?

You will need to have AT LEAST one onsite contact for collection AND delivery. 

If nobody will be available on the day, you should make us aware of this immediately. 

As long as there is appropriate ground, the driver may still be able to collect or deliver with nobody present; You just need to advise of a safe place. 

Where possible, you should add this information to your booking notes and we will pass those details to the delivery driver for you. 

If you have already booked, the quickest way to get in touch is through Live Chat

Can I get proof of collection?  

We understand that leaving your goods unattended for collection seems a little risky; We’ll leave you a signed collection note to let you know we’ve collected your goods and they’re on their way to the depot! 

You must keep your collection note safe at all times - this is your proof of collection.

But first, please make sure your pallets are labelled with the PalletOnline labels so we know what to collect. We will add barcode labels back at the depot. 

How do I book a pallet collection? 

As long as your goods are suitable and you’ve followed our guidelines, you can book your pallet collection. 

All you have to do is head to our home page and complete our simple pallet quote form; We’ll give you an instant price for your collection and delivery! 

Please note that we require flat ground to load and unload pallets as all collections and deliveries are kerbside. 

We CANNOT operate equipment on surfaces such as gravel driveways and grass. 

How much does pallet collection cost? 

All our prices are postcode driven, which means there is no rate card or price list available. 

You can get an instant pallet quote by completing our simple pallet delivery quote form. 

We will then give you an instant price for your collection and delivery. 

Additional services, such as Pallet and Wrap, will also determine the total price. 

If you have any further questions, please send us a message on Live Chat

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