Does Someone Have to Be Onsite?

We understand that it might not always be possible for someone to be physically present for both collection and delivery. Here's what you need to know to ensure everything goes smoothly:

When Onsite Presence Isn't Possible

If you or a representative can't be onsite, it's crucial that the onsite contact is reachable by phone. Our drivers usually call first to confirm availability, particularly if the site seems closed or they're having trouble finding it. Make sure the pallet is left in a clear, accessible area, properly labelled for easy identification.

In situations where physical presence is challenging, please notify us in advance. Position your pallet on stable, solid ground in a designated, secure spot. Include these details in your booking notes so our drivers know exactly where to go.

For changes to existing bookings, get in touch quickly via Live Chat.

Proof of Collection and Delivery

We'll provide proof of collection and delivery to keep things transparent. Collection proof is by way of a scan when the pallet reaches the depot. Make sure your pallets are marked with our labels. Official network barcode labels will be attached at the depot.

To access proof of delivery documents, visit our tracking page or your account area.

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