Does someone have to be onsite?

We would certainly recommend having somebody present at the time scheduled for us to come and collect your goods. 

Our pallet delivery driver, although an expert at collecting and delivering pallets from far and wide, will need at least one onsite contact present at the time of collection. 

Ensuring the above will allow us to be able to load your goods onto the collection vehicle safely and efficiently, with no delays or confusion. 

Can I Get Confirmation Of Pallet Collection? 

At PalletOnline, we understand that you may have some concerns about not being present at the time of collection, especially when trusting somebody else to handle your goods. If you wish to receive a confirmation of collection for peace of mind, we would be more than happy to sign a collection note for you. 

Please ensure that the confirmation note is kept safe at all times. 

You must also make sure that your pallet is labelled appropriately and correctly for it to be able to stay on track during its journey through our extensive pallet delivery network. 

Please ensure that you record (on paper) the order ID as well as the correct delivery address and secure it to the pallet, if you do not have access to a printer. 

How Do I Book A Pallet Collection? 

We are renowned for offering the best pallet collection and delivery services and prices throughout the UK and Europe. Remember to keep in mind that to send a pallet through our network, you must ensure your goods and pallet size meet all the requirements. 

As long as your goods meet our requirements and you have selected the correct pallet size, you can then book your pallet collection with PalletOnline. 

For all pallet shipping, especially wooden pallets, we do need the correct ground to work on. Having a flat concrete surface makes it much easier for us to load and unload your goods. 

How Much Does Pallet Collection Cost? 

Before booking a collection with us, please also ensure that you have selected the correct weight for your goods and that you have chosen the best pallet size. The cost of collecting a pallet depends on its measurements and weight of the goods you wish to send.

If your pallet is not already wrapped, we can have it shrink wrapped for you before loading it to our collection vehicle, ready for delivery. 

This can be selected in the checkout as our 'Pallet and Wrap' service. Our team of experts will wrap your items using either shrink or stretch wrap and secure them to a pallet for you. 

As you can imagine, this service is provided at a small additional cost but can prove very beneficial if you are pushed for time or if you are unfamiliar with wrapping and shipping pallets

For any other questions about our shipping services or if you want to discuss your pallet quote, please contact us via Live Chat below. Our customer care team is always happy to help you. 

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