What Are the Requirements for Collection and Delivery?

We do offer a same day collection service, but you must book this before 11:30am Monday - Friday. 

Please note that we cannot provide the Pallet and Wrap service with same day collection as we require 24 hours notice to palletise goods. 

How long does collection and delivery take? 

Our drivers are given 15 minutes to complete each collection and delivery, so they normally like to get the ball rolling as soon as they reach the premises.

With collections, you should ideally have your goods loaded to a pallet and wrapped before the driver arrives. However, if you have selected Pallet and Wrap, the driver will palletise your goods instead. 

Occasionally, the driver may take your goods back to the depot to be palletised there - there is no cause for concern if they do not palletise at the collection point. 

Once everything is loaded or unloaded, the driver will complete their paperwork and your goods will be one step closer to reaching their destination! 

Can you supply a pallet? 

Just so you know, we DO NOT supply empty pallets. 

We can provide you with a pallet should you select the Pallet and Wrap service before booking - however, you MUST have goods to secure to the pallet. 

With the Pallet and Wrap, the driver will load everything onto a pallet for you and shrink wrap the goods ready for delivery. 

This is usually done at the collection point but can occasionally be done back at the collection depot. 

What to do in the event of a failed collection or delivery 

If the driver doesn’t turn up to collect or deliver your goods, please notify us immediately and we will endeavour to contact the depot on your behalf. 

In most cases, the driver may have unfortunately ran out of time to get to you or may be held up in traffic on their way to you. 

We know this can be very frustrating, but your patience and understanding would be greatly appreciated - open a Live Chat to discuss this further

However, if the driver arrives but there is nobody present and they have not been advised of a safe place to locate or drop off your goods, this will be classed as a wasted journey. 

In this case, you would be charged for a second attempt and this time, you would need to provide clear instructions to avoid a second charge if you are unable to attend the site in time for their arrival.  

You can send us a message on Live Chat with any queries related to failed or missed collections. We’ll be happy to advise you further. 

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