Can I send bricks on a pallet?

Bricks can prove to be quite difficult to shift during palletised deliveries, which is why there are strong guidelines to ensure the safe transport of such heavy goods. 

We ask that you have goods as heavy as bricks palletised prior to collection, ensuring that they do not overhang on any side of the pallet. If they do happen to be oversized in any way, we cannot move them for you. 

We must stress that the maximum weight limit for these heavy goods is 1,200 kilograms and you must adhere to this at all times. If your pallet happens to be too heavy to move, you may load any additional bricks or heavy goods onto another pallet yourself. 

What Are The Recommended Pallet Sizes? 

At PalletOnline, we can send pallets of various sizes to any region within the UK and Europe, to as far as Ireland. Our palletised delivery services cater to full, half, quarter and oversized pallets; you can get a free pallet delivery quote through our website today. You must ensure that you select the correct pallet size for your goods based on their weight, height and other dimensions.

If you fail to select the correct pallet size for your goods, we will be unable to move your pallet on the day of delivery. It is crucial that you ensure you have selected the correct pallet size in the checkout before placing your order with us. This will better prepare our drivers for their collection and delivery, and they will know exactly what to expect upon arrival. 

How Much Is A Pallet Of Bricks Delivery?  

You may be wondering 'how much is a pallet of bricks delivery with PalletOnline?' The cost of our pallet delivery service depends on where you would like to send your pallet of bricks and where you are sending them from. 

As one of the best pallet delivery companies in the whole of the UK and Europe, PalletOnline offers cost-effective pallet delivery services, making it easier to send your goods safely from one region to another. 

To get a free instant pallet delivery quote from us, you will need to provide us with a few bits of information first. Go to our website homepage and request your free instant quote, then provide us with your location and the destination of which you wish to send your goods to. 

We will also need to know the correct pallet size that you are planning to secure your goods to before delivery. You must notify us if your pallet of bricks exceeds the maximum measurements accepted by our drivers.

Things To Keep In Mind When Sending Bricks On A Pallet

When using our pallet courier service to send a pallet of bricks, there is a maximum weight limit of 1,200 kilograms. This weight limit should be adhered to every time you use our pallet delivery services to send such heavy goods. 

Before booking your delivery with us, please make sure you have selected the correct pallet size for your heavy goods.

If you need help deciding which is the best pallet size for your goods, then please refer to the pallet measurements guideline information on our website. This will make it easier to establish which size is appropriate for your pallet of bricks. 

Should I Notify You Before Sending Heavy Goods? 

If you are planning on sending heavy goods through our pallet delivery network, we would advise letting us know of this beforehand. This way, we can help better prepare our drivers for the collection and delivery of such heavy goods and they will know what to expect upon their arrival. You can do this by attaching a delivery note to your order during the checkout.

Our drivers have extremely busy schedules and are normally allocated no more than a fifteen-minute window when making a collection or delivery, so please do not keep them waiting too long. 

To help speed the process up, please ensure that your goods are palletised before delivery as we cannot do this for you. 

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