Can I Send Bricks on a Pallet?

We ask that you have goods as heavy as bricks palletised prior to collection, making sure they do not overhang the pallet. 

Please note that the weight limit for such heavy goods is 1,200 kilograms.

If your pallet is too heavy to move, you may load some of the bricks onto another pallet yourself.

What are the recommended pallet sizes? 

We can send pallets of various sizes, including quarter, half, full and oversized pallets. 

You can get a free pallet delivery quote through our website, but you must enter the correct pallet size for your bricks based on their weight and dimensions. 

You will need to refer to our pallet size guide before booking. 

How much is a pallet of bricks delivery?  

All our prices are postcode driven, which means there is no rate card or price list for sending bricks on pallets. 

Getting a quote is easy and takes just a few minutes! 

You just need to head over to our home page and complete our simple pallet quote form; We’ll provide you with an instant price as soon as your details have been provided. 

If you’re happy with the quoted price, you can then go ahead and book your pallet delivery of bricks! 

Should I notify PalletOnline of heavy goods?  

Everything you need to know about pallet sizes, weight and height limits is outlined on our website.

Please make sure you book a tail lift if your bricks weigh 750kg or less. You will need to book a lift assist if they weigh more than 750kg but less than 1,000kg. 

Anything over that weight and you will need to arrange a forklift to help move the bricks safely. 

You can always send us a message on Live Chat if you need any help or advice! 

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