Can I Track My Order with PalletOnline?

Our online order tracking system effortlessly updates you on the whereabouts of your goods, from collection through to delivery. 

How does order tracking work?

Our order tracking system has been designed to seamlessly provide updates, whenever they come through.

Every time you enter your Order ID, you’ll know where your goods are and when they’re due for delivery.  

We aim to keep order tracking as updated as we can, at all times. 

As soon as we receive data from the different points of your pallet delivery, it is fed back to our main tracking system and then to you.

Once your goods are delivered, we will provide you with Proof of Delivery (POD). This will be uploaded to your order tracking. 

Can I get an ETA?

As collections are normally completed after deliveries, we are not able to provide collection ETAs. 

Normally, collections are completed between 1pm and 5pm on the drivers' run back to the depot.

We can provide you with a delivery ETA if there is one for you booking. 

If there is an ETA available, it will show when you enter your Order ID in the tracking page. 

Will you update me when my goods reach Amazon?

After delivery is complete, we allow Amazon up to 10 working days to return the POD; This will show when you track your order and can be downloaded. 

As the tracking updates regularly, you will be able to see when your goods are delivered and the signature of the person who signed for your goods.

You can always contact us on Live Chat with any questions you may have. 

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