Why Would the Driver Refuse to Take My Pallet?

If the driver took off without your goods, there's probably a good explanation for it. We get that this can be pretty annoying, but it's super important for you to reach out to us ASAP.

We've listed a few possible reasons why the driver might have had to decline your goods...


Do your goods exceed the max. dimensions?

Your goods shouldn't go over the size limits we've got in our pallet size guide. If they do, the driver might just refuse collection.

It all comes down to how big your goods are. If they're too big for a regular pallet, we'll have to charge you for the extra pallet spaces they take up.

Anything larger than an oversized pallet won't make it through our network.


Have you packed personal items?

Our driver might refuse to handle your pallets if they find any personal items in there.

As per our Terms and Conditions under the "Unsuitable Goods" section, we can't send personal items through our network. Those are super precious and can't be replaced.

If you're looking to ship personal goods, you may have to find another way to get them where they need to go.


Was anyone onsite?

If no one was around when the driver showed up for the pickup, they would have been told to head to their next collection, and unfortunately, you'd be charged for the missed trip.

Our drivers won't make any assumptions about which pallets to pick up. There must either be someone on-site or a clear heads-up about where the pallets will be placed in advance.


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