Do you collect on weekends?

Here at PalletOnline, we are always working hard and doing our best to make sure your pallets are delivered on time and intact. We understand that sending your goods and them arriving on time is just as crucial to our customers as it is to us, which is why we aim to keep you as updated as we can throughout the delivery of your goods. 

When Can PalletOnline Collect My Pallet? 

Our incredible drivers are some of the hardest working men and women in the industry, so it's important to us and them that they have some down time during the weekends. This way, they will be fully recharged and ready to deliver more pallets the following week. Having spent five full days on the road collecting and delivering pallets all across the UK and Europe, we think it's the very least they deserve. 

With this in mind, weekend pallet collections are unfortunately not available and all collections and deliveries take place during the week. As it stands, we have no immediate plans to start offering weekend pallet collections. However, if this changes we will inform you right away. 

How To Arrange A Pallet Collection

When you would like to book a pallet collection, you can do this through the PalletOnline network as and when you like. Just go to our website homepage and request your free instant pallet delivery quote; this will be determined by the weight of your goods, where the driver will deliver to and where they are picking your goods up from. 

Once you have received your free instant quote, continue through the checkout and begin wrapping and securing your pallet ready for collection. You can select same day collection in the checkout as long as you place your order before 11:30am, between Monday and Friday. 

When Should I Book My Pallet Collection? 

When you consider shipping your goods, we would advise allowing a few days for them to reach their destination safely and in one piece. When booking a pallet collection for your goods, make sure you place your order a few days in advance of the date you have provided for the delivery of your goods. 

If you are placing your pallet collection order on a Friday, keep in mind that your goods will not reach their destination by Monday as our drivers do not operate over weekends. 

In the meantime, if you would like more details regarding pallet collections or deliveries, please get in touch with us. You can do this by calling 08456580049 or by sending a message through Live Chat for an instant response. 

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