What Is the Best Way to Pack My Pallet?

Planning a delivery and packing for one are two different things. 

We can help set you on the right track, giving you peace of mind that your items will travel safely and securely through our network.

Selecting the right pallet

Before booking your pallet delivery, make sure you have selected the right pallet size. 

The pallet needs to be large enough to hold all your items with absolutely no overhang.

Depending on the items you are shipping, you may decide that your items are too large to be secured to a standard full pallet. 

If so, you would need to select an oversized pallet to ensure the items arrive in pristine condition.

Stacking boxes carefully

Supposing you are sending boxed items, these would need to be stacked evenly, i.e. 4 across and 4 up. 

This will help prevent boxes from moving during transit and causing damage to other pallets as well.

No overhanging items

Your items MUST NOT overhang the pallet, not even by a few centimetres. 

Overhanging items may become damaged or cause damage to other pallets in transit.

If your items do overhang, we will contact you immediately to discuss next steps. 

However, please make sure you measure your items on the pallet before you book your delivery; The total dimensions MUST include the pallet. 

Keeping things flat

For your items to travel securely, everything must be laid flat.

This will help prevent anything from rolling or falling off during transit.

Attaching your labels

Once everything is loaded to the pallet, you must print and attach your labels. 

Attaching your labels is crucial and it’s important that they display the correct details, i.e. collection and delivery date and address and your Order ID.

If you’re having trouble printing your labels, you can write them out on a plain A4 piece of paper; But please make sure you write the correct Order ID.

Applying shrink wrap

To ensure your items stay put on the pallet, you will need to carefully apply shrink wrap with a heat gun. 

Make sure you have enough pallet wrap to cover all of your items. 

Begin wrapping this around the pallet, and carefully apply heat using your heat gun.

You can always use ratchet straps to secure heavier items.

If you require further assistance, feel free to send us a message using Live Chat and we’ll be happy to help!

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