What is the best way to pack my pallet?

Planning to send goods and packing them are two entirely different things. When it comes to loading, packing, and wrapping your items, you surely would like to find the easiest and best way to secure everything.

Thanks to our expertise in packing and wrapping, we can help set you on the right track and give you peace of mind that your items will travel safely and securely through our network.

Select Correct Pallet

Before you arrange a pallet delivery, you must make sure you have selected the correct pallet size. The pallet needs to be large enough to hold all your items for their entire journey, with absolutely no overhang.

Depending on the items you are shipping through our network, you may decide that your items are too large to be secured to a full pallet. In which case, you would need to select additional full pallets to ensure the items arrive safely and in pristine condition.

Stack Boxes in Columns

Supposing you are sending boxes of items, these would need to be stacked in columns. This is to help prevent boxes from moving during transit and potentially causing damage to other consignments as well.

Ensure There is No Overhang

If your items hang over the edges of the pallet, even by a few centimetres, this could result in damaging your consignment or knocking other pallets in transit. Not to mention that your pallet will be refused at point of collection if there is overhang.

We always advise that, when preparing for your pallet delivery, you measure your items correctly before selecting a pallet size in the checkout. This will help you determine which pallet will hold your items comfortably with more than enough space on all sides.

Keep Everything Flat

For your items to travel securely, everything must be laid flat on the pallet. Ensuring your items are flat on the pallet will help prevent anything from rolling or falling off during its journey. Plus, with everything laid flat on the pallet, it is easier for the driver to load them to the delivery vehicle.

Attach Your Labels

Once everything is loaded to the pallet, attach your labels. If your pallet consists of boxed items, you can attach the labels to the boxes before applying the shrink-wrap material.

Attaching your labels is crucial when it comes to helping the driver know where each pallet is going. Pallets that have no label attached cannot be sent through our delivery network and the driver will refuse to take them.

Apply Shrink Wrap

Lastly, to ensure your items stay put on the pallet, you will need to apply shrink wrap (or stretch wrap) with a heat gun. Make sure you have enough film to cover all of your items, begin wrapping this around the pallet, and carefully apply heat using your heat gun.

For additional protection, you can always use ratchet straps to secure heavier items. However, this is not compulsory as long as you apply sufficient shrink-wrap material.

If you need expert advice, you can always contact us and we will do our best to help you. Alternatively, you can visit our Help Centre for more information.

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