How do I label pallets for Amazon delivery?

Once you make a request to send new products for Amazon FBA, they will then be able to provide you with the appropriate labelling for your pallet delivery

If you have not already made a request to send new products for Amazon FBA, you can do this by simply going into your seller central account. As soon as you receive your labels from Amazon, remember to label your pallet(s) and book a collection with us.

What Are The Label Requirements? 

Although you may not be aware, there are specific label requirements that you must meet in order for us to deliver pallets to Amazon for you. For a pallet to reach an Amazon Fulfillment Centre, the vendor must label the pallets appropriately and on a minimum size of A4. You must also ensure the following information is printed on each label: 

To: (Fulfilment Centre Address) 

From: (Vendor Address) 

Purchase Order

Number of Cartons

Number of Units

Pallet Count

Have You Got Your Amazon Labels? 

After you receive the relevant Amazon labels and you are confident that your goods meet the standard requirements, you can then use our exceptional pallet delivery service to send your pallet directly to Amazon.

When it comes to sending a pallet shipment to Amazon, PalletOnline are the experts. As one of the most renowned pallet delivery companies across the UK and Europe, we have mastered fast and straightforward pallet collection and delivery. 

Our expert delivery drivers collect and deliver pallets of various sizes from far and wide, including sending to Amazon Fulfilment Centres. If you wish to send a pallet through our extensive pallet delivery network, head to our homepage and get a free instant quote today.

More Information About Sending Pallets To Amazon

We are a preferred Amazon carrier when it comes to LTL (Less than Truckload) bookings. Here at PalletOnline, we can distribute your goods into any UK Amazon Fulfilment Centre.

Simply log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and select the products that you would like to send on to Amazon FBA.

Once you have done that, you can get a quick and easy quote with us before completing your booking through our secure checkout system.

We can then book your delivery into Amazon FBA, as well as providing you with your order ID to track the progress of your order.

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