How Do I Label Pallets for Amazon Delivery?

We take the hassle out of sending goods directly to Amazon Fulfilment Centres across the UK.

To book your Amazon pallet delivery, all you need to do is head over to your Seller Central account on Amazon and select the goods that are going to Amazon FBA.

They will then give you an Amazon Reference ID, which is your PO Number, and an FBA code.

They will also tell you which Amazon Fulfilment Centre your goods are going to. 

You don't need to do anything after that other than book a collection and prepare your pallet; We are a preferred carrier for Amazon and arrange the rest for you

What are the label requirements? 

There are specific label requirements you must comply with for Amazon to accept your goods at their Fulfilment Centres.

You, the vendor, print the labels on a minimum size of A4 and ensure the following details are displayed correctly: 

To: (Fulfilment Centre Address) 

From: (Vendor Address) 

Purchase Order

Number of Cartons

Number of Units

Pallet Count

Have you got your Amazon labels? 

After you receive your Amazon labels and are confident that your goods meet the standard requirements, you can arrange your Amazon pallet delivery with us.

Your pallets must have the correct Amazon labels attached for them to be accepted by the Fulfilment Centre. Please also ensure you attach the PalletOnline labels provided in your confirmation email. 

Amazon FBA with PalletOnline

At PalletOnline, we can distribute your goods into any Amazon Fulfilment Centre in the UK.

Simply head over to your Seller Central account and select the products that you would like to send directly to Amazon.

Then, you can get a FREE Amazon pallet delivery quote with us before completing your booking through our secure checkout system.

We can then book your delivery into Amazon FBA, as well as providing you with your Order ID to track the progress of your shipment.

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