What are the Amazon FBA pallet delivery (LTL) guidelines?

There are rules and regulations you must follow in order to successfully send your pallet to an Amazon fulfilment centre. If you follow the guidelines we set out below then you should have no problem getting your pallet into Amazon for your FBA sales.

Load Pallet Dimensions and Weight

  • Height
    Must not exceed 1.8 metres (including the height of the pallet).
  • Weight
    Pallet weight must not exceed 500kg.

Broken or Damaged Pallets

Broken or damaged pallets will not be accepted into any Amazon fulfilment centre. If you supply a broken or damaged pallet your delivery will be rejected and there will be an additional cost involved for a redelivery and new pallet. You may also miss your slotted delivery and incur additional costs with Amazon if you miss your delivery window.

Singular Items Maximum Height

Singular items that exceed 1.55 metres in height must be laid horizontally on the pallets with equal overhang on each side of the pallet, but then must not exceed 1.8 metres in width.

Accepted Pallet Types

Pallets must be standard 4 way-access pallets. Plastic pallets will not be accepted into any Amazon fulfilment centre.

  • Dimension: 1,200mm x 1,000mm x 150mm
  • Pallets must be heat treated to ISPM-15 standard.
  • All pallets must be shrink-wrapped.
  • There must be no loose cartons on top.

Labels Requirements

Vendors must label the pallets, on a minimum size of A4, with the following:

  • To: (Fulfilment Centre Address)
  • From: (Vendor Address)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Number of Cartons
  • Number of Units
  • Pallet Count

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