What Are the Amazon FBA Pallet Delivery (LTL) Guidelines?

To send a pallet to an Amazon fulfilment centre, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to know about. 

Providing that you follow the guidelines we have set out below, you should be able to send your pallet to Amazon with no issues. 

What are the load pallet dimensions and weight? 

Before sending your goods to Amazon, we recommend ensuring they meet the correct load pallet dimensions and weight allowances.

To help make this easier for you, we have listed the pallet dimensions and weight guideline below: 

  • - Height must not exceed 1.8 metres, this includes the height of the pallet. 
  • - Weight must not exceed 500kg. 

What if a pallet is broken or damaged? 

Broken or damaged pallets will not be accepted by Amazon, thus your delivery may be refused.

We CANNOT provide a pallet or wrapping materials for goods going to Amazon fulfilment centres.

All pallets MUST be palletised by the sender as per Amazon's Terms and Conditions. 

What Is the maximum height limit for singular items? 

Any singular items that total more than a height of 1.55 metres need to be horizontally laid down on your pallet with equal space on all sides of the pallet.

More details regarding height and weight limits for Amazon FBA can be accessed through your Seller Central account. 

What pallet types are accepted? 

Under the Amazon FBA pallet delivery guidelines, all pallets must be standard 4-way access pallets.

Pallets must standard wooden as Amazon will not accept plastic pallets in their fulfilment centres. 

We have listed all the requirements for your Amazon pallet delivery below:

  • - Appropriate Dimensions: 1,200mm x 1,000mm x 150mm.
  • - All Pallets Must Be Shrink-Wrapped.
  • - There Must Be No Loose Cartons On Top.

What are the label requirements?

When sending your goods through our pallet delivery network to Amazon, you must ensure that your pallet is labelled correctly before collection.

Please make sure that on a minimum size of A4, you have clearly printed the following information:

  • - To: (Address Of Amazon Fulfilment Centre)
  • - From: (Vendor Address i.e. Your Full Address)
  • - Purchase Orders
  • - Number Of Cartons
  • - Number Of Units
  • - Pallet Count

How to book your Amazon pallet delivery

Booking an Amazon pallet delivery is fast and straightforward with PalletOnline.

You can get a free instant quote through our website; When you are ready, you can book the best date for your pallet delivery

Please send a message through Live Chat for fast support. 

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