Bill of Lading / Proof of Delivery

A BOL and POD are essentially the same thing.

Your BOL is the receipt of the goods you are shipping to Amazon and a POD is returned once the goods have been accepted into the Fulfilment Centre. 


What is the wait for POD/BOL? 

If you find yourself in need of a BOL (Bill of Lading) before your delivery, it might mean you're considering handling the booking of your goods at the Amazon Fulfilment Centre independently.

As a trusted carrier, we take care of the Amazon booking process on your behalf. Once you've listed your products in your Seller Central account and applied the necessary labels, we step in to assist you further.

You can expect to receive a BOL (also referred to as a POD - Proof of Delivery) within 5 days after your goods have been successfully delivered to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre.

After your goods have reached the Fulfilment Centre, note that Amazon typically requires between 5 to 10 working days to provide the Proof of Delivery.


Can I request a BOL before delivery?

The Pro/Freight number (or BOL) is basically the receipt for the goods you're sending to Amazon. You'll get it once your goods are officially received at the Fulfilment Centre.

We won't know this number until Amazon gives us the green light with a confirmed delivery date. They usually do this after your goods have made it to the delivery depot.

We expect to receive this number after 4pm on the day of your scheduled delivery.

When it's ready, you can also find it on your tracking page on our website. We'll also send you an email as soon as we've got your Pro/Freight number from Amazon.

It's absolutely fine to input this number later. Don't stress about it affecting how quickly your goods make it to Amazon. 


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