Bill of Lading / Proof of Delivery

A Bill Of Lading and Proof Of Delivery are essentially the same thing.

Both are documents that provide evidence for peace of mind that your goods have reached the right place, within the time frame initially allocated to you. You could also think of it as your delivery receipt. 

As soon as your goods reach the correct delivery address via our exceptional pallet delivery service, a Bill Of Lading and Proof Of Delivery document will work its way back to us.

What Is The Wait Time for POD/BOL? 

For Amazon pallet collections and deliveries, we normally ask that you allow between three and five working days for Amazon to provide us with Proof Of Delivery. Ideally, we would prefer to receive your POD/BOL documents faster than this but unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment. 

If you are not sending your goods to Amazon, the wait time for Proof Of Delivery is typically between one and three working days. 

Can I Request A Bill Of Lading Before Delivery?

If you are requesting a Bill Of Lading before delivery then you may be trying to book your goods into the Amazon fulfilment centre without our help, but we can do this for you. All you need to do is select all the products you would like to send to Amazon in your seller central account, then print out your labels and attach them to your pallet prior to collection. 

One of our drivers will then come and collect your goods on the date you select upon booking your Amazon pallet delivery. When your goods reach your chosen Amazon fulfilment centre, a Bill Of Lading and Proof Of Delivery document will be created and then sent back to us between three and five working days. We ask that you remain patient while waiting for your BOL/POD documents to come through to us.

In the meantime, you can still get regular updates regarding your delivery by using our order tracking system to track the whereabouts of your goods during its journey.

How Do I Get a Quote?

As soon as your labels are attached to your pallet, you will need to get a pallet delivery quote from us. You can do this by going to our website homepage and requesting a free instant quote based on your delivery destination and the height and weight of your goods. 

When you receive your free quote, you can then book your delivery and leave the rest to us. As one of the best pallet delivery companies in the UK and Europe, you can trust PalletOnline to deliver your goods from one area to another, safely and securely. 

If you would like to send a pallet through our delivery network to Amazon, we will take care of the booking as soon as you have selected which products will be going into Amazon FBA in your seller central account. 

For more information about Amazon pallet deliveries with PalletOnline, please feel free to send us a message through live chat via our website. 

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