How does the Amazon FBA process work?

PalletOnline is an Amazon preferred carrier. Our experience in handling FBA shipments has given us the knowledge we need to answer your questions surrounding the Amazon sales process and how it all works on our end.

Our partner, Palletline, has established the economic value in consolidating shipments into distribution centres far and wide. We have put together the following guidelines, explaining the features and benefits of Amazon shipments in general.

Amazon Pallet Delivery: How it Works

Our partner, Palletline, is a preferred supplier of pallet delivery services to all Amazon warehouses far and wide. We are a preferred carrier for Amazon pallet deliveries as a result of our connection with Palletline.

When you decide you want to send products directly to Amazon Fulfilment Centres, you can arrange delivery with PalletOnline as you would a normal pallet delivery. Just book your collection, request a delivery date, and our dedicated bookings team will take it from there.

We enter each booking onto the Carrier Central system on behalf of our customers, taking the hassle out of sending pallets into Amazon Fulfilment Centres throughout the country. As soon as Amazon confirms a delivery date, we will keep you updated.

As it stands, Amazon only offers fixed delivery slots for FBA shipments - this depends on their capacity and shipping volumes. During busy periods, the date of your Amazon pallet delivery may change slightly.

Our close relationship with Amazon’s inbound management team means that we can stay up-to-date with your consignment and its whereabouts. If anything changes, you will be the first to know about it!

What Are the Benefits of Amazon FBA?

We are proud of our partnership with Palletline, a preferred carrier for Amazon FBA, and we are trusted to deliver hundreds of pallets to Amazon Fulfilment Centres across the country.

There are strict Amazon FBA packing requirements and regulations that must be adhered to when planning on sending pallets to Fulfilment Centres across the UK.

With our help, any problems with packaging can be identified before delivery. This way, you can avoid refused goods and even avoid incurring additional charges.

Palletline and Amazon work tirelessly to help sellers avoid delivery failures or rejections, which can be beneficial during busy times.

Using PalletOnline, you are also less likely to land an Amazon Compliance fine as we can tell you everything you need to know about sending pallet deliveries to Amazon warehouses.

As a trusted and preferred carrier, we deliver to Amazon Fulfilment Centres 24 hours a day, seven days a week, helping our customers get their products into Amazon as quickly as possible.

For more information regarding Amazon FBA, please visit our Help Centre. Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 658 0049 or send a message via our Live Chat service.

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