What information do you have about Amazon?

As the preferred courier for Amazon Less than TruckLoad deliveries, PalletOnline can book your pallet delivery to Amazon for you.

When logged into your Amazon Seller Central account, simply select the products you would like to send to Amazon FBA before requesting a free instant quote for an Amazon FBA delivery. 

How Do I Book An Amazon Pallet Delivery

You can get a free instant quote through our website today. All you need to do is go to our website homepage and request a delivery quote from us.

As soon as you receive your quote, booking your Amazon pallet delivery should be easy. Just make sure you choose a date that works best for you and simply let us do the rest. 

We would ask that you ensure you have selected the correct pallet size prior to booking your Amazon pallet delivery with us. Your pallet must not be damaged or broken and must not exceed the maximum size limit for our drivers to be able to deliver them to Amazon.  

How Will I Know When My Amazon Pallet Has Been Delivered? 

As soon as your order is complete, we will book your delivery to Amazon FBA. Then we will provide you with an order ID to allow you to track your order.

With immediate support via live chat throughout the week, you can receive fast updates on your Amazon delivery and its whereabouts. 

You can use our order tracking system for updates on the status of your Amazon pallet delivery; simply enter your order ID into the tracker and our system will pull through updates provided during its journey. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Sending A Pallet To Amazon

Prior to arranging the delivery of your pallet to Amazon, we would advise you to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, all pallets must not be broken or damaged as Amazon may refuse to accept the delivery. There may also be an additional charge if your pallet is broken or damaged in any way upon delivery. 

Depending on Amazon's online booking system, your pallet may be delivered a day earlier or later than anticipated. This would only usually happen if there is another booking already in place, in which case, Amazon will let us know of this promptly. We will contact you immediately to inform you of any changes. 

Is Amazon Pallet Delivery Easy To Arrange?

PalletOnline is amongst the best pallet distribution companies, specialising in fast and efficient pallet deliveries in the UK and Europe to areas as far as Ireland. We can send pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres all across the country, making the process as easy as it needs to be for all our customers. 

Sending a pallet to Amazon has never been more straightforward; PalletOnline can ship pallets of various sizes to Amazon, from quarter pallets to an oversized pallet and everything in between. 

Contact us on 0845 658 0049 for more information about Amazon pallet deliveries, or send us a message via live chat today. 

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