Next Day Pallet Delivery Service

Pallet deliveries within 24 hours of booking.

Next Day Pallet Delivery Service

Fierce competition in the industry means Ecommerce turnarounds have never been faster, and with our next-day, cheap pallet delivery service, you can use the UK’s most reliable pallet delivery service with ease and confidence.

PalletOnline are happy to cater to the ever-increasing sense of urgency, and as a pallet transport and delivery company, we’ve shaped up and followed the trend. Our state-of-the-art systems can easily manage and handle fast-moving stock, proving a quicker inventory replenishment and speedier movement of goods in general.

The consequences of not having a reliable, next-day logistics partner such as PalletOnline can be calamitous, and can often cause issues such as inefficient performance, reputational damage and unnecessary additional expense.


Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery has been usurped by express services that don’t just offer a next day slot, but offer the fastest available same day slot or a nominated delivery time to streamline the process even further, maximising efficiencies for all parties. Third party logistics companies offering pallet delivery service have grouped together, pooling their resources through networks such as Palletline. Sending a pallet has never been so easy; with services like Pallet Online, you can get an instant quote for collection and delivery from quarter pallet to full pallets, with various UK pallet size catered for.

One of the main drivers of supplier selection for the procurement of collection and delivery services is undoubtedly who can quote and fulfil the cheapest pallet movements. Whilst a value-based pricing model is always beneficial, undercutting the competition should not come at the expense of quality and care. This can sometimes fall short from members in larger pallet networks that group together to provide quick and easy delivery of your pallets through the most convenient local haulier. 

Although third party alliance networks have numerous benefits, they can sometimes result in hauliers prioritising their own, bread and butter customers over irregular, infrequent pallets to ship that come through on an ad-hoc basis. This can often result in same day delivery or collection not being completed in the desired timeframe at all.

Doing your research is crucial to ensure that you not only achieve a cheap pallet courier, but also a reputable one with a record of service excellence. By using a dedicated pallet courier service like PalletOnline, you can be sure that if you’re shipping irregular, intermittent pallets, you’ll receive a seamless service with careful handling to ensure preservation of your stock, and can have confidence that your load will not be deprioritised or lost in the mix of full load hauliers.


Pallet Rates

It’s become essential that pallet rates are available instantly on demand. This has led to a shift in the way people expect to receive quotations. Historically, the haulage industry has been predominantly telephone based, with customers required to manually ring depots and speak to an account handler with full details of their requirements to get a pallet price. Now, there is little human interaction required to produce an accurate quote.

It’s vital to be able to provide customers with a no obligation quotation in record speed for time critical shipments, meaning many have made a shift to instant quote, online order systems to cater for customers with time critical delivery requirements.

Same day collection which was once an anomaly is now often a perquisite, with rapid options needed to cater for shipments of all shapes and sizes. The ability to send a pallet quickly with minimum fuss has led to streamlined self service solutions at the push of a button.

Reliable Euro pallet delivery services.

For all of your time urgent requirements, PalletOnline have it covered. As industry innovators, we’re ahead of the curve for pallet collections and deliveries in the UK and Europe such as France, Norway and Croatia, with unmatched service capabilities.

We can make a delivery to any of the following locations...

IE Ireland
AUS Austria
BE Belgium
BOS Bosnia
BUL Bulgaria
CHN China
CRO Croatia
CZ Czechia
DEN Denmark
EE Estonia
FIN Finland
FR France
DE Germany
GRE Greece
HUN Hungary
IT Italy
LAT Latvia
LIT Lithuania
LUX Luxembourg
NL Netherlands
NO Norway
PL Poland
PT Portugal
ROM Romania
SER Serbia
SLO Slovakia
SL Slovenia
ES Spain
SE Sweden
CH Switzerland

See how Brexit has affected shipping pallets to the Europe.


Smooth Pallet Deliveries 

To ensure time imperative collection and delivery runs smoothly, it’s important for the sender to comply with the correct preparatory requirements for their load. The pallet or pallets involved will need to be stacked with the load neatly in a recognised pattern, such as column or brick stacked, with items of equal shape and size to ensure it is safe and securely loaded with the merchandise, and to minimise the possibility of potential movement, which could consequently result in damage to the cargo.

Once the consignment is stacked in a recognised, balanced way, the height should be measured from the floor to the highest point, so the correct pallet load size can be selected in the ordering process. Getting this right guarantees you will be quoted the correct price and won’t be met with any surprising surcharges. 

Goods should not be stacked above a maximum height of 220cm for a full load. You must also ensure the pallet is not overweight; the maximum weight from the most robust grade wooden pallet is 1,000 kg. To avoid product shifting, you should ensure the weight is evenly distributed to balance the pallet. For oversize pallets, additional spaces will need to be booked to accommodate any overhang.

Next, the pallet needs to be tightly wrapped, to ensure that the stacked freight cannot tip or fall whilst in transit, which could easily happen if the goods were not wrapped and secured. In order for your shipment to be correctly processed, it is important that the load is clearly labelled with the intended recipient address details. If any of these steps are missed, it could result in shipment delays and fail to fulfil the stipulated timebound requirements. If you’re unsure about any aspect of your shipment, Pallet Online have a handy online live chat service, where you can receive immediate expert advice.

What Our Customers Say

Customer: GEORGE

Great service can't knock it


Sunday 2nd October 2022

Customer: THOMAS

excellent service, reliable and cheaper than other services


Sunday 2nd October 2022

Customer: DAVE

Fantastic service


Saturday 1st October 2022

Customer: JULIE

For a first time pallet sender it all went very well. I would advise ringing up to discuss your delivery if you are new to it. I would have had a problem if I hadn’t - ie I wouldn’t have booked to have the fork lift truck.


Friday 30th September 2022

Customer: RICHARD

Good service, delivered when they said it would be, very satisfied


Friday 30th September 2022

Customer: JAFAR

excellent service


Friday 30th September 2022

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