Re-Delivery Costs

Sometimes, when we're dealing with pallet shipments, there might be a need for a re-delivery. In such cases, there will be an additional cost involved.

This is because handling pallets can be a bit more complex compared to regular deliveries.

Pallets occupy a significant amount of space on our delivery vehicles and require specialized equipment like forklifts and operators to load and unload them at our depot.

Unlike smaller packages, rerouting or addressing issues with pallet deliveries can incur additional expenses.

At PalletOnline, we believe in transparency, and we want to make sure you're aware of this aspect of our service.

If you foresee any potential issues or changes in your delivery requirements, please let us know before the shipment goes out. This will help us ensure a smooth and cost-effective delivery process for you.


Potential Issues with Deliveries

  • Goods were rejected by the delivery location.
  • No onsite contact available via phone or at location within 15 minutes of arrival.
  • Delivery location was in a difficult to reach area that required a different vehicle and no prior notice to this issue was provided when booking.


Cost of a UK and Ireland Re-Delivery

  • £30 (+VAT) per pallet for up to 3 pallets.
  • £25 (+VAT) per pallet when sending more than 3 pallets.
  • For over 10 pallets and international deliveries prices may vary.

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