Re-Delivery Costs

On occasion when sending pallets they may require a re-delivery. In this scenario a re-delivery cost would need to be applied. This is due to the involved nature of the service.

Pallets take up a considerable amount of space on a delivery vehicle. The goods need to be loaded on and off at the depot by a forklift and operator. Unlike a parcel delivery, pallets can be costly to reassign when there is an issue at the delivery point.

PalletOnline aims to be completely transparent about this aspect of a delivery. Any and all problems should be addressed prior to delivery to ensure a smooth and cost efficient delivery occurs.

Potential Issues with Deliveries

  • Goods were rejected by the delivery location.
  • No onsite contact available via phone or at location within 15 minutes of arrival.
  • Delivery location was in a difficult to reach area that required a different vehicle and no prior notice to this issue was provided when booking.

Cost of a UK and Ireland Re-Delivery

  • £30 (+VAT) per pallet for up to 3 pallets.
  • £25 (+VAT) per pallet when sending more than 3 pallets.
  • For over 10 pallets and international deliveries prices may vary.

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