What Is Kerbside Delivery?

At PalletOnline, we take great pride in doing everything possible to ease the process of delivering pallets.

That's why all deliveries are kerbside, meaning all pallets are delivered to the nearest kerbside to the delivery address.

Our drivers will always aim to position their delivery vehicle as close to the delivery address as possible.

From there, they will carefully and safely offload your pallet(s) ready to hand them over to the delivery contact.

Do you deliver to residential areas?

In short - yes. We deliver to commercial AND residential areas, meaning we can deliver pallets safely and directly to your home or business.

When arranging a pallet delivery to a residential area, you may wish to get in touch to see if you will need any extras before placing your order.

You may find that you need a tail-lift or a time-specific delivery to better suit your schedule, particularly if you know that there will be no-one to accept delivery in the morning or afternoon.

What's the difference between residential and commercial shipping?

When delivering to a residential area, we are essentially delivering the goods directly to your home or private residence. 

Whereas delivering to a commercial address means we are delivering the pallets to a business premises, such as warehouses and industrial sites.

We have vehicles suited to residential and commercial areas, but it's always better to add details if you think you will need a smaller vehicle for delivery.

You can do this by adding notes to your booking details at the checkout, i.e. ''narrow road, please send smaller vehicle for delivery''.

Our in-house specialists will then make sure this information is passed on to the delivery depot so that they can arrange to send a smaller vehicle for delivery.

How do I know if my address is residential or business?

If you are arranging to send a pallet to a company or workplace, this will be a business address.

The reason is that businesses are registered to an address where goods are sold or services are operated, making this a business address.

A building that is not registered as a business is a residential address. This also includes a private residence.

If you are booking a pallet delivery to a residential address, please let us know if you will require a smaller vehicle in the booking notes before placing your order. 

What if my package says delivered but I never got it?

If tracking shows that your goods have successfully been delivered but you are certain this is not true, please contact us immediately.

The quickest way to get in touch is through Live Chat, where a member of our customer support team will be happy to help. 

We understand this can be worrying and frustrating all at once, but there is almost always a simple reason as to why you don't recall receiving your palletised goods.

For example, your delivery may have been handed over to someone else (at the premises). The person accepting the delivery will have had to sign for the goods; You will be able to view this information via tracking. 

It is extremely uncommon for our drivers to deliver to the wrong address entirely. If there are difficulties finding your address, the delivery depot will reach out to us and we will make you aware immediately. 

Before reaching out to let us know your goods have not arrived, we'd recommend asking others at the premises if they have signed for a delivery. 

If you struggle to locate the recipient, you must contact us.

We will work with you to resolve the matter promptly, advising you of your next steps.

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