Can you deliver oversized pallets?

We cater to the needs of all our customers at PalletOnline. Offering exceptional deliveries and collections throughout the UK and Europe, we deliver and collect pallets to areas as far as Ireland.

We also deliver oversized pallets as well as full, half and quarter pallets. 

When you order a pallet collection or delivery, please ensure that you select the correct pallet size before the check out. If you decide that you require an oversized pallet for your goods, please make this clear to us by attaching a delivery note regarding this. 

We have more information on our website to help you work out which pallet size is best for your goods. 

What Pallet Sizes Do You Accept? 

It is vital that you ensure you have selected the correct pallet size for your goods prior to placing your order with us. At PalletOnline, we are experts at collecting and delivering full, half and quarter pallets. 

You can learn more about the different pallet sizes and the correct measurements on our website. Each pallet must meet our requirements for our drivers to collect or deliver your goods to the right place, on time. 

Do You Charge More For Oversized Pallet Delivery

The cost of shipping your goods through our pallet network essentially depends on the size of each pallet and how many of them you are looking to send in total.

We can deliver various pallet types at PalletOnline, from full-sized to oversized pallets. You can get a free quote on our website and find out the exact cost based on the height and weight of your goods. 

If your goods will not securely fit onto a standard pallet size, i.e a full, half or quarter pallet, then please make us aware of this by adding a note before the checkout.

Our drivers will need to know if they are collecting and delivering an oversized pallet and exactly how many. 

To collect and deliver an oversized pallet, our drivers will need a forklift to help them safely and efficiently load your goods onto their delivery vehicle. 

If you do not know the number of pallet spaces you will need for your oversized pallet delivery, please get in touch with us before booking a delivery.

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team are always at hand to help make pallet deliveries and collections as fast and straightforward as can be. 

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