Can You Deliver Oversized Pallets?

We provide pallet delivery services for quarter, half, and full oversized pallets. It is essential that you have a forklift or equivalent unloading equipment at both collection and delivery locations to book oversized pallets with us.

Please refer to our size guide below to determine the most suitable option for your needs.

Full Oversized Pallet

  • Maximum Weight: 2,000kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 2.4m (240cm) x 1.2m (120cm)
  • Maximum Height: 2.2m (220cm)

Half Oversized Pallet

  • Maximum Weight: 500kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 2m (200cm) x 1.2m (120cm)
  • Maximum Height: 1m (100cm)

Quarter Oversized Pallet

  • Maximum Weight: 250kg
  • Maximum Dimensions: 2m (200cm) x 1.2m (120cm)
  • Maximum Height: 0.6m (60cm)

Larger than this?

You may send a quarter or half oversize pallet measuring up to 3m x 1.2m, subject to booking an extra single space for the added width.

The weight limit remains unchanged at 500kg for a half oversize pallet and 250kg for a quarter oversize pallet.

For full pallets, dimensions can reach up to 3.6m x 1.2m. This requires booking an additional full single pallet space. The maximum weight for an oversized pallet is capped at 2,000kg.


To help your booking go smoothly please include the dimensions of your pallet in the goods description when booking an oversized pallet.

Account for your pallet's height and weight (approximately 20cm and 20kg) in your allowances, as measurements for vehicle clearance are taken from the ground up, including the pallet of goods.

Should the width and length of your item exceed our maximum allowed dimensions, you must book full pallet spaces - both quarter and half spaces would not be acceptable. However, we advise verifying that your item's size is permissible before making a booking. It's essential to arrange for forklift availability at both collection and delivery points.

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