Can You Deliver Oversized Pallets?

When booking your pallet delivery, please make sure you select the correct pallet size before checking out.

You can refer to our simple pallet size guide or pallet calculator for help! 

What pallet sizes do you accept? 

As well as full, half and quarter pallets, we can also deliver oversized pallets. 

It’s crucial that you ensure you have selected the right pallet size for your goods before placing your order to avoid additional charges on the day. 

Each pallet must meet the requirements for our drivers to collect or deliver your goods to the right place, on time. 

Do you charge more for oversized pallet delivery

All of our prices are postcode driven and depend on the size of the pallet you are sending, i.e. quarter, half, full or oversized. 

As oversized pallets are much larger than a standard full pallet, there is a slight price difference.

You will also need to arrange a forklift for collection and delivery for oversized pallets. 

For further assistance, please send us a message on Live Chat

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