Can You Deliver Oversized Pallets?

We get it – sometimes you've got goods that don't quite fit the usual pallet dimensions. No worries, we've got you covered with an oversized option for those items that like to overhang the pallet a bit.

When you're all set to book your pallet delivery, just double-check that you've chosen the right pallet size before checking out.

If you need a hand figuring out the perfect size, take a peek at our handy pallet size guide or give our pallet calculator a spin for some quick help.


What pallet sizes do you accept? 

In addition to full, half, and quarter pallets, we've also got oversized pallets in our lineup too.

It's super important to make sure you've picked the right pallet size for your goods before you finalise your order. This way, you won't have any surprise extra charges when delivery day rolls around.

Every pallet has to meet our drivers' requirements to make sure they can pick up or drop off your goods at the right spot and on schedule. So, choose wisely to keep things smooth and hassle-free.


Do you charge more for oversized pallet delivery

Our pricing is influenced by your postcode and the size of the pallet you're shipping – whether it's a quarter, half, full, or oversized pallet.

Because oversized pallets are significantly larger than standard full pallets, there is a slight variation in price.

Please make sure to organize a forklift for both collection and delivery when dealing with oversized pallets.

If you need more help, feel free to reach out via Live Chat


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